Who Is That Girl Featured On Stars Of Vogue Street Challenge? The Stylish Mom Everyone Wants To Know More About

Who Is That Girl Featured On Stars Of Vogue Street Challenge? The Stylish Mom Everyone Wants To Know More About

In September the people at Vogue asked their followers to take their style to the streets and submit photos of themselves for fashion month. Fashion enthusiasts from all over the country started submitting photos of their fiercest and most creative looks. There was one who stood out among the pack as Vogue’s followers opened their email and Instagram last week to her photo gracing the screen.

There she was, walking past the graffiti art in her city with her son by her side. She radiated confidence with every step she took. Dressed head to toe in metallic navy tie-dye print (by SemSem), complete with a matching face mask. This woman turned heads and now everyone is asking “Who’s that girl?”

That girl is none other than Washington, D.C.’s top fashion figure Anchyi Wei.

Anchyi has always been passionate about creative dressing. To her, fashion isn’t just what you wear. It’s an art, and Anchyi is an artist at heart. For years she’s been known in the Nation’s Capital for her bold looks at swanky social events, while holding numerous accolades such as Washingtonian Stylesetter and DC Magazine Woman of Style.  But it wasn’t until some of her co-workers launched a Tumblr site and began documenting daily creative looks for this style maven that she became the Social Media Influencer and Digital Creator she is today.

Since then, women from all over the world have taken on her artistic style inspirations and curated lifestyle choices from @Anchyi’s daily Instagram posts. Her influence treads on a deeper level as she often shares her passion on important issues such as sustainability, and encourages her audience to be their most authentic selves.

More About Anchyi Wei

Anchyi’s busy lifestyle isn’t slowing her down anytime soon. While climbing to the top of Washington’s fashion scene, she is also balancing her day job and being a mother. She is proving that if you hold your head high and reach for your dreams, you really can have it all. 

Her goal is to continue to create and fill her followers’ feeds with stunning visuals and eclectic style inspirations, while helping others gain confidence in expressing their true selves through the art of fashion.

For more information on Anchyi’s fashion journey, visit her website at www.anchyiadorned.com 

Want to see Anchyi’s famous Vogue Street Challenge look? Visit https://www.vogue.com/article/vogue-street-style-challenge-spring-2021

Don’t forget to follow her Instagram page to keep up with her latest looks https://www.instagram.com/anchyi/ 

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