Spetrex: Innovating Currency Transfer Through the Power of Community

Spetrex: Innovating Currency Transfer Through the Power of Community

Spetrex: Innovating Currency Transfer Through the Power of Community

Spetrex, a social platform designed for world travelers, immigrants, foreign students, expats and businesses. Like any cutting-edge platform, it all started when Nelson Esike, Founder of Spetrex, sought to address exorbitant bank transfer fees by taking a complex process and making it simple and effective. Nelson built a platform that have drastically reduce the amount people pay while exchanging currencies. Thanks to spetrex, you can fully maximize the value of every currency exchange and every money transfer. There are no hidden fees, no commissions, and each user have the power to negotiate their preferred rate.

Spetrex concept is changing the way the world approaches the handling of money by helping our users exchange currencies locally and transfer money around the world. Whether it’s helping children go to school, helping family members receive medical treatment, or just helping people pay their bills, Spetrex helps millions of people every day.

A Broad Range of Experience

While one might think that his skill set would mostly lie in the business arena, Nelson’s background spans the fields of engineering and environmental science. Drawing on a broad range of experience he cultivated while working for an oil and gas construction company led him to start Greenedge Energy Limited Company in Nigeria in 2012. In the fall of 2016, he came to Stephen F. Austin State University to pursue a master’s degree in Environmental Science. Nelson has revolutionized the money transmission industry by cutting out the middle man thereby saving spetrex users thousands of dollar annually.

Navigating Sky-high Fees

The Spetrex concept was born when Nelson tried to send a large sum of money home for his grandmother surgery. Nelson was charged eight percent the total transfer sum. This exorbitant amount prompted him thinking of different ways to bypass banks and exchange money with zero transfer charge. As any expat, immigrant, international student, or anyone who’s sends money abroad knows, what should be a simple transaction in today’s technologically advanced world is anything but cheap. He understood that not everyone could pay these fees, especially middle class and lower-class people who are just trying to make ends meet. Sending money abroad the traditional way was no longer a desirable solution. He asked himself: how could he cut costs for people who want to send money? In response, he decided to create Spetrex.

Spetrex was founded as a travel and exchange company providing bespoke travel and FX services. However, given the Coronavirus Pandemic, spetrex management decided to rebrand by suspending the travel aspect of the business and focus squarely on currency exchange.

Nelson realized he could build a platform where spetrex users are matched with other people in the platform to exchange and transfer currency. Once people are matched, and the transaction is successful, each person can drop a review. The Spetrex platform is secure, and their team vets every person on their platform to make sure that issues like fraud, hacking, and fake currency doesn’t slip through the cracks.

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