Jazz Up The Beard This Holiday Season With Beard Lights

Jazz Up The Beard This Holiday Season With Beard Lights

BeardLights.com has launched a new collection of festive beard accessories just ahead of the 2020 holiday season to help beard wearers everywhere make the season a little brighter. Offering a roster of quality beard lights and ornaments, BeardLights.com makes it easy to order beard lights and ornaments online. The company is committed to offering quality, attractive products at reasonable prices. Every item within the full BeardLights.com catalog is $19.99 or less. As part of the company’s 2020 holiday promotion, all orders over $24.99 ship for free.

Shoppers will find a 10-piece beard light set, 16-piece set of ornaments and baubles, 22-piece set of ornaments and lights, and a beard glitter kit available on the BeardLights.com storefront for 2020. The company differs from other sellers of holiday-themed accessories because the focus is on providing comfortable, quality beard accessories that will stay on for more than just a few minutes. Each piece is designed to stay in place comfortably and securely throughout office holiday parties, “secret Santa” parties, holiday-shopping marathons, caroling, and Christmas pub crawls. Lights, ornaments, and accessories from BeardLights.com are designed to nest into the beard comfortably without pinching or adding weight. It is anticipated that these beard accessories will be popular this year both with beard wearers and people looking for perfect gift ideas for their bearded loved ones! Several of the products in the collection are powered with flashing LED lights that can be turned on and off. Shoppers will also find high-shine ornaments. BeardLights.com is the only company to offer bells, candy canes, and gift boxes in a single beard-decoration set.

“We didn’t want to just offer gimmicky products that had to be removed after a photo or grand entrance because they’re so wildly uncomfortable and heavy to wear,” shares the CEO of BeardLights.com. The company poured time and resources into product development to ensure that customers get quality products that stay in place comfortably and securely. Unlike many one-time-use holiday accessories, beard lights and ornaments sold by BeardLights.com are meant for multiple wears.

BeardLights.com has officially started taking orders for the 2020 holiday season. Orders placed now are processed and shipped within two to three days to ensure that customers will have their festive holiday beard ornaments well ahead of the holiday season. However, the company’s CEO does urge customers to place orders as soon as possible to avoid any delays or backorders that may occur as demand ramps up closer to the holidays.

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