Why are round diamonds of the same size more expensive than general shaped diamonds?

Many friends will know that diamonds come in many shapes. Because diamonds are cut differently, they will produce different shapes. The most common is round, and other shapes are collectively referred to as special-shaped (fancy stones) diamonds, such as heart-shaped, drop-shaped, square, horse-eye, oval, etc. However, when you buy diamonds, you will find that most of the diamonds on the market are still round, and the remaining special-shaped(fancy stones) diamonds only account for a small proportion. As the saying goes, things are rare, why are there so many diamonds and round diamonds of the same quality that are more expensive than others?

The reason why the round diamond is expensive is mainly due to the following reasons: GM is strong! Fire color is good! Lost material!

Round diamond market is good, universal.

Relative to special-shaped (fancy stones) diamonds, round diamonds can stand the test of time. Round diamonds are not only classic, but also more varied styles. It can be said to be “universal”! The cut diamonds are suitable for jewelry designs of various styles. And, with the same carat number, cut into round diamonds will look bigger, which is the shape of the diamond that best reflects the fire color of the diamond. The public has the highest acceptance. So the market is also the largest.

The round diamond has a good luster and is more dazzling.

The reason why people like diamonds is because of their brilliant sparkle. The processor hopes to refract the most diamond light from the front. This refraction needs to be uniform to make the entire diamond shine. Circular cutting is more flashy than other cutting methods.

The bright type of cutting is a symmetrical body with the base tip and the center of the table as the axis. At the same position, each polishing surface has a cutting surface with the same size and angle. These proportions and angles are carefully designed.

For other cut diamonds, because the symmetry is not as perfect as the round diamond or the polished surface is not ideally distributed, it cannot bring the refractive effect of the round diamond.

Other shortcomings of cutting can be simply classified into the following categories:

Different lengths: For example, horse eye or olive diamond, the long side of the broad will refract more light than the small short side in the middle. Therefore, the short side of this type of diamond will look darker than the long side, shaped like a bow tie centered on the bottom tip, known in the industry as the bow tie effect.

Different sizes: for example, drop-shaped diamonds, also called pear-shaped. Because of the shape itself, the round and large side will refract better than the small and sharp side, so it seems that the overall brightness distribution of the diamond is uneven, not as perfect as a round diamond.

Special-shaped (fancy stones) diamonds Low loss!

Another important reason why round diamonds are more expensive than special-shaped drills is that round diamonds have the highest loss in rough cutting. In short, it is a waste of money!

Because there are many round diamonds, the diamond consumption is high. When the rough diamond is cut and polished, the loss rate is as high as 47%, and only 53% is left after cutting the brightest diamond. The carat weight of the special-shaped drill can be kept 55% -60% after the cutting and grinding. According to this ratio, you can know why round diamonds are so expensive!

Some people may ask whether a round diamond or a special-shaped diamond is good? From the perspective of investment, round diamonds are more suitable and stand the test of time; and from a fashion perspective, shaped diamonds are more personal.

Of course, shaped diamonds also have room for appreciation, but maybe not as fast as round diamonds. After all, one thing worth remembering is that almost all the famous diamonds in the world are shaped diamonds, and some of them have become priceless treasures. A lot of celebrities get married with special-shaped diamonds, and royal celebrities also wear them frequently. So, it ’s up to you to choose your own choice. It doesn’t matter if you think about it. It ’s best if you are happy.

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