Michael Morawski Publishes New Book: “Exit Plan”

Michael Morawski Publishes New Book: "Exit Plan"

Chicago, IL – October 15, 2020 – Michael Morawski’s new real estate investment guide, “Exit Plan”, is earning many positive reviews from real estate investors, brokers, and multi-family property owners. The significance of the guide by the real estate veteran is reflected in its subtitle “Your complete guide to multi-family investing and why you need an Exit Plan before you buy.“

The book, “Exit Plan”, offers keen readers crucial lessons about multi-family investing and how investors can exit deals through multiple strategies. Speaking from experience, Michael highlighted that having an effective Exit Plan before you invest is crucial to creating wealth, especially on multi-family properties. Michael Morawski draws from his 30-year valuable experience and invaluable skill on the Exit Plan. In the book, he teaches that investors should always have an exit plan before signing on the dotted line. The book also houses other vital tips about multifamily investing strategies, the incredibly valuable kind that they do not teach in school.

Exit Plan is published under My Core Intentions, a company managed by you guessed who, Michael Morawski. Through this company, Michael trains and coaches real estate investors and industry professionals in the art of creating short term cash flow and long-term wealth. The in-depth three-level personal coaching has helped clients improve their game and dare to complete their transactions within 12 weeks. A vast majority of Michael’s clients now boast an annual business growth of 20%. How would your life be impacted if your investments grew by 20%?

“At My Core Intentions,” Michael said, “we assist our clients in setting accountability standards in their personal and professional lives which enables them to realign things that really matter like family & personal growth. We guide our amazing clients to discover their true passions which include a successful and balanced lifestyle.”

Michael Morawski’s 30-year+ involvement in the real estate industry has been filled with many achievements and milestones. The industry veteran has controlled over $285,000,000 of real estate transactions. He is also one of few real estate professionals to raise up to $18 m in private equity for his own firm. With trademark commitment, he also raised $60 m from the multi-family market.

While accumulating many years of vital experience, Michael Morawski expanded his horizon and sought to help other agents and investors grow. Apart from being one of the most respected closers in real estate, Michael also works as a coach to budding agents and motivational speaker. He has also authored other books, including one about Smart Funding. His achievements in the real estate industry earned him an invitation to host the Insider Secrets Podcast. He was also the co-host of the Multi-Family Unplugged weekly radio-show style vidcast. 

Michael Morawski is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with others and teaching them the art of investing and multifamily real estate. His book, Exit Plan is the result of his passion to impart his wisdom to help others gain the same insight that brought him success.

Exit Plan is available for purchase on https://mycoreintentions.com/product/exit-plan. Michael Morawski is always pleased to take on new coaching clients and has invited interested individuals to reach out via https://mycoreintentions.com/contact.

For more information: https://mycoreintentions.com/product/exit-plan

Michael is available for interviews.

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