How To Safely Order Prescription Drugs From an Online Pharmacy Based in Canada

For the past 20 years, American Patients have been looking to their neighbors in the North for a safe and affordable alternative source for their prescription medications. Unfortunately this practice comes with its risks.

A quick google search for ‘online Canadian pharmacy’ or ‘buy medication from a pharmacy in Canada’ for example, returns a confusing plethora of results leaving patients wondering if these sites are legitimate pharmacies and safe sources of prescription medications.

Pavan Dhillon, the manager at Cloud Pharmacy, a Canadian pharmacy that fills US prescriptions makes a very interesting point when discussing the matter.

‘The problem is that there are so many websites online claiming to be Canadian pharmacies but, in reality, they ship medications from overseas, from countries such as India, Turkey or China. Far too many patients have been duped this way. American patients should never have to compromise on the quality of medication they receive.’

Upon researching the matter it is clear there are a large number of websites online that pose as pharmacies but upon closer inspection they do not have an actual brick and mortar pharmacy or employ licensed pharmacists. At the very least they are not transparent with that information.

We’ve compiled a list showing the tell-tale signs that your prescription medications are bought from a website that is NOT a real Canadian Pharmacy:

• There is no physical address for the pharmacy shown on the website. Often we see a mail-in address given on a website but these addresses are rarely for an actual pharmacy. Does the address mention a ‘suite number’? How many pharmacies do you know that are located in a suite?

• The tracking information for your order shows the origin of the package as outside of North America. This is a bit of an obvious one but tracking is a reliable tool to know where your order is shipped from.

• The medication package does not have a drug identification number (DIN) printed on the box. Health Canada uses DIN numbers as a way to identify products that are Canadian products, similar to NDC (National Drug Code) numbers used in the States. If there is no DIN number, it is definitely not from Canada.

• The pharmacy does not require a prescription. This unfortunately doesn’t rule out overseas locations because we found that many online websites, shipping from overseas, still request a prescription. Even so, no prescription needed equals a massive red flag.

• The address provided is used on multiple different websites. Another strange finding was that lots of these online websites were using the same physical address which, you guessed it, was not a real pharmacy address. The plot thickens.

• The shipping time takes many weeks/months. We are all expecting some type of delays due to covid but your order will take 4 – 6 weeks is a sure fire sign that it’s not being sent from Canada.

• The price of the medication is significantly less than a Canadian only pharmacy. We all know the old cliche ‘If it’s too good to be true…’

Canada Cloud Pharmacy, a fully licensed brick and mortar pharmacy is a legitimate alternative who rise above all other websites selling medication online to American citizens.  The pharmacy guarantees that any and all medication they sell will come directly from their store in Vancouver, British Columbia.  

‘As medications are directly shipped from Canada they arrive at your home much, much faster than those shipped from overseas.  This has never been more important than now, during covid, with many patients reporting waiting months for their overseas orders. Of course, the main point of contention is that our patients never have to compromise quality for price. They can make huge savings on their prescription medications for equivalent standards of medication and care,’ explained Pavan.

By looking to Canada many seniors and uninsured Americans can save up to 80% on the exact same medication they would normally buy at their local American pharmacy. It is however essential to do your own research to ensure that you will receive real medication and don’t end up with an expired or unsafe product.

Visit the sleek and easy to use website or call 1-800-901-004, for safe, fast and reliable service.

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