The pINPOINt: Crime Buster Book by Dakota R. Peterson

The pINPOINt: Crime Buster Book by Dakota R. Peterson

The pINPOINt: Intelligence Criminal Police Organization, penned by Dakota Peterson is an ensemble of diverse crime-busting individuals, who work together to solve horrific crimes as well a dedicated to the horrors lurking around the world, the terror of the everyday. 

The group is focused on the psychology behind criminals, to hunt and do cut-throat chase, and arrest criminals. This book emphasizes real fears, violence and seeking justice.

Their work on gathering INTEL and evidence peppered with scads crimes being committed from different angles and perspectives, which proves unique. Peterson main goal is still set to solve the case., to not needing any witness to put the criminals away. They work on locating different crime rings and try to take down a huge crime boss. They work with many agencies in the world as Interpol and others in U.K. and Norway.

The pINPOINt is a newborn police force, with the express job of providing juicier endings for crime stories, not excluding the frustrations of the job, the grief of the people left behind and a lot of patience.

Peterson created a crime fiction capers for young readers who loves the mystery of thwarting villains, it truly is a great gateway for readers to get stuck into the genre.

There’s simply no doubt about it: nothing beats a good mystery. No matter your age, crime fiction like The pINPOINt: Intelligence Criminal Police Organization, can hook you in, take you on a wild drive and leave you desperate to find out what happens at the end.

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