Forget about miracles, the historical truth is amazing enough

The true story of the pre-Christian Hanukkah holiday is revealed in a new historical novel series


The Lions of Judea series by author Amit Arad have received great reviews on Amazon, becoming the bestseller in their category. The series is loved by the fans of historical fiction, period-drama and similar genres, Christians and Jews.

The folk tale of the Maccabean Revolt is sacred to Christians and is celebrated by the Jews as the holiday of Hanukkah when the main motif in it is the miracle of the menorah that proves the divine intervention in what happened. However, the recently published Historical Novel series Lions of Judea proves that this legend has nothing to do with reality. On the other hand, those who seek proof of the existence of God can find it in the facts themselves that describe their amazing story on every scale of the Maccabees who took a people of peasants and priests and turned it into a powerful army that defeated one of the ancient world’s superpowers.

Author Amit Arad succeeded to write an intriguing story about the priest’s son who goes on to become a warrior and warlord, while incorporating a broad perspective of the events in the world arena and their impact on what is happening, including the rise of ancient Rome to be the super power of the ancient world. “The Rise of Maccabees” and his sequel “The Maccabee Rebellion” are a breath-taking historical books, which take their readers back in the time of unravelled but substantial period between the Bible and Christianity. These books are a treat to all the mythology lovers who love to dig deeper into the roots of ancient history. This novel is about a mighty human king who declared a war against the invisible One and only God. Written by the author Amit Arad, Lions of Judea books’ series has received amazing reviews from the readers on Amazon.

The late Mythological President and Prime Minister of Israel and Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. Shimon Peres said about these books, “This fascinating historical novel will enable the young generation to familiarize themselves with the history and legacy of our people, and better understand the solid foundations of their existence”. 

The books describe the story of Matityahu the Priest, his son Judah Maccabee and his brothers, and the Hellenizer Eupolemus. Together, they embark on a struggle for the survival of the Jewish people against the powerful Seleucid Empire. The captivating plot, thorough character development along with frequent twists and turns are sure to keep the readers at the edge of their seat.

Limor Livnat, former Israeli Minister of Culture also said about these books, “Your choice of telling this story through the personal life stories of the Maccabees, transforms a historical tale into an engaging and fascinating read.”

The author Amit Arad is the right person to write such a fantastic historical novel, given his interest and curiosity in the historical novels and films. A lawyer by profession, Amit Arad was born in Israel and hold training in various martial arts styles. But it was in 2008 when Amit came across an article about the Judean Desert scrolls and his curiosity about the pre-Christianity period aroused. This pushed him to embark on the journey to discover the unexplored truth about the Maccabees Rebellion and the creation of the Hasmonean kingdom that has had control over the land of Israel for many decades. The outcome of this curiosity proved to very fruitful for the author. He launched his successful historical novel series “The Lion of Judea” in September 2019.

The Lions of Judea series is an interesting and enlightening historical novel that the readers from across the world love to read.

The first book in the series “The Rise of Maccabees” consists of 295 pages and the second book “The Maccabee Rebellion” consists 390 pages. The books are also available as an audiobook and Kindle. Launched on September 8 and October 6, 2019, the books are published in the English language.

With such a captivating plot and reviews, these novels are a must read either for mythology lovers, historical fiction fans and Christians and Jews in general. The books are available for purchase or download on

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