Dollarbillrec Inc. Entertainment Releases their Latest Project ‘The Southern Soul Collection’

The sons of legendary singers Solomon Burke and Solomon Joe Tex present their latest project ‘The Southern Soul Collection’ under the label Dollarbillrec Inc. Entertainment.

Gemini Burke and Joe Tex2 have released their newest project, ‘The Southern Soul Collection, featuring the title – Sweet Soul Lady. They are sons of the popular and legendary singers Solomon Burke and Solomon Joe Tex, respectively. The song is released by the label Dollarbillrec Inc. Entertainment.

“We are delighted to bring to the world our latest project, ‘The Southern Soul Collection’,” says CEO Tony Starchild Adams. “You can check out all our all the latest news, photos, music and videos on our website. We will be updating the website regularly to keep our fans informed of the latest development.”

The album has been released under the label Dollarbillrec. Inc. Entertainment created and designed by CEO Tony Starchild Adams. It was released on 1 September 2020 in the genre R&B/Soul. 

Some of the popular songs by the label include Our Love by Gemini Burke in the Pop/RNB genre, Come Around by Tony Adams in the Pop/Funk/Electro dance genre, Gospel, Blues, Country and others. 

Downloads of the songs by Tony Starchild Adams, Gemini Burke, and Joe Tex2 are available on Google Play and 

Dollarbillrec Inc. Entertainment is a full service independent record label. The studio handles all the aspects of music production, including writing, arrangements, mastering and promotion. They are also into creative movie and music video production. 

The promotion items associated with these albums can be ordered by fans using their PayPal account.

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About Dollarbillrec Inc. Entertainment is a label created by Tony Starchild Adams and features songs under various genres by singers Gemini Burke, Joe Tex2, and CEO Tony Adams himself. The website also features all the photos, videos, music, and the latest news from the world of music. The site is updated regularly to provide the latest information to music fans.

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