Reveal True Beauty With An Inclusive Cosmetic Brand That Is Created With Care

Reveal True Beauty With An Inclusive Cosmetic Brand That Is Created With Care
LaMonique Cosmetics is a prominent health-conscious cosmetic brand owned and founded by Monique Glover, who is on a mission to produce innocuous, mineral-based & cruelty-free cosmetic products and spread awareness on the subject at all leading forums. She will share her extensive knowledge as a Health & Beauty Panelist at the Annual Gotham City Bike Fest during the All-Female Talk Tent Event. The product line will be offered for sale during the exposition on 23rd and 24th October 2020.

The world is home to 7.8 billion people and more than 8 million other species, and every living being has the same rights to live peacefully on the planet. Many consumers are now worried about the future of the world. To make this world a safe place for everyone, consumer choices are heavily influenced by the product’s environmental and health effects. Cosmetics are an essential part of everyone’s life and are a unique way to look and feel good. Still, many consumers are concerned about the safety and social/environmental impact of cosmetic products. Apart from these facts, many have to filter out the products based on the allergy and intolerance to specific chemical and natural constituents. Many have problematic skin, and they have to skim through thousands of products even to find a suitable moisturizing lotion. Monique Glover was passionate about introducing safe, healthy & cruelty-free products, which was the core reason for establishing LaMonique Cosmetics.

LaMonique Cosmetics is a luxurious, reliable, and health-conscious brand that deals with mineral-based cosmetics. The determination to produce mineral-based products and avoid artificial dyes and harsh alcohol in the manufacturing process ensured the consumers’ well-being & safety. The absolute health of the consumers could only be achieved by incorporating natural pigments in the products. The products are highly pigmented and contain safe pigments, including titanium oxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides. Freeze-dried Vitamins A, E & D adds to the functionality of the products.

Parabens are linked with critical diseases like breast cancer and can cause reproductive issues. LaMonique Cosmetics are entirely paraben-free and gluten-free to ensure that the products are overall suitable for a substantial portion of the population, especially for those enduring the distress of Celiac Disease. The cosmetics line is hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain talc and silica to avoid any potential risks from using these two ingredients.

Monique Glover, the founder and owner of LaMonique Cosmetics, is a staunch advocate of the production and usage of healthy and cruelty-free cosmetics. She is a well-respected speaker and very vocal about the side effects of toxic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products. The entrepreneur uses her voice to spread awareness on this subject. She has recently been chosen as one of the Beauty and Health Panelists at the Annual Gotham City Bike Fest happening on 23rd and 24th October 2020. She will be talking about healthy cosmetics and share her experiences regarding the matter as the owner of a luxurious health-conscious cosmetic brand during The All-Female Talk Tent Event of the two-day exhibition. The wide range of face & lip products and other accessories will also be available for purchase during the exposition to facilitate the consumers.

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