Interview with Joe Cotton, Publisher of “Cotton’s Technically Speaking”, A Weekly Stock Investment Letter

One of the most sought-after and expert technical analyst Joe Cotton is known for his expertise in stock market analysis. He is the winner of many National Stock contests and gained recognition for his fundamental and technical analysis.

Apart from being an expert Technical Analyst, Joe is also trained and experienced in financial analysis. After graduating from Xavier’s University with a B.A. degree, Major in finance, he went on to receive his Technical Analysis training from Robert Slemmer, a former broker at the revered Cincinnati brokerage firm of W.E. Hutton. Joe also worked as a Credit Analyst for the National Accounts Division at Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, and held many other credible positions in different firms throughout his career.

Interviewer: Joe, you have won 2 National Stock Contests and posted a staggering 6-Month Return for your January 2020 stock, so it looks like you’re probably going to win the contest again.

How did you achieve that?

Joe: First of all, I have been publishing my Market Letter continuously since 1986, and so have a lot of experience trading in all kinds of Markets, both Bull and Bear.

Secondly, and most important, I use technical analysis to analyze the last 2 years of a prospective company’s stock chart – and by doing so, I have the ability to choose stocks that usually go up.

And third, I have a strong financial background and am able to analyze a company’s financial statements, and also make a calculated guess as to whether they will be successful.  

As the former Credit Analyst for the National Accounts Division of Fifth Third Bank, I analyzed the financial statements of our National Corporate Clients to recommend renewing or declining their Line of Credit with our bank.

My education at Xavier University served me well… I obtained a BSBA Degree, Major in Finance, Dean’s List all semesters attended.

As a former Registered Representative for Fidelity Investments, I achieved the highest Series 7 Score in the history of the regional Blue Ash (Cincinnati) Ohio office while employed there.

Interviewer: Some have compared you to Jim Cramer. What do you say about that?

Joe: Well, I respect Cramer, and he is fabulous at what he does, just as I am fabulous at what I do. But I would be willing to bet that my performance record is just as good as his, or better.  

He does in-depth analyses of companies for his stocks and even meets with, and interviews, their presidents and CEOs. His recommendations are mostly, I believe, for longer-term holds.

I don’t meet with corporate CEOs or do in-depth analyses of companies that I am interested in, but rather just do my regular fundamental financial analysis and take a look at the company’s stock chart for the last two years. For fundamental analysis, I mainly use Yahoo finance, which has an incredible amount of useful data, and for the stock chart analysis, I go to either Stock Charts or Bar Charts. Both are excellent sites and contain educational material regarding Technical Analysis as well.

The Motto on my website is “It’s not What you buy, but When, you buy it”.

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