Biographypile, A Dedicated Celebrity and Star Profile Platform, Goes Live

October 16, 2020 – Biographypile is the latest platform devoted exclusively to bringing news, biographies, and stories about everyone who matters in the world today. With dedicated writers who do extensive research, the results are for everyone to see – all the important news, latest happenings, personal backgrounds, and histories of their favorites celebrities, movie stars, musicians, and more in one place.

Getting information looks easy in this age, but does one get authentic, unbiased, and good-to-read information? While crowdsourced and open databases like Wiki are popular, users are looking for better ways to know popular personalities. Biographypile is filling up this vacuum and making things even better with tags like popular, top rated, and latest celebrities, stars, and popular figures. 

“Here at Biography Pile, our mission is to continue to write about both the famous and the less famous people. Included are stories and news we think are valuable to our readers. Feel free to let us know if there is any subject you would want us to write about,” says Henry from Biographypile.

Biographypile is not just a source of news and information, but a place to interact and even win gifts and goodies. There are bi-weekly giveaways for readers and visitors who join and participate in the portal. For contributors, there is a special dedicated profile section. As the biography portal grows, there will be more products in the offing.

Currently, the celebrity profile platform includes sections for entrepreneurs, royalty, music, science, sports, and writers. There is a blog section too, where regular news and updates will make for lively reading about what’s happening in the lives of stars around the world. 

For those tired of rehashed and copied information, Biographypile offers an alternative place to find out more about the media stars and personalities in the news.

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