Singer Lex Hayley Releases New Single On Spotify

Pop singer Lex Hayley has released her brand new single called “Good Old Days” on Spotify. The song has already received some positive reviews from critics and fans alike. 

We talked to Lex Hayley about her newest release, her plans in 2020, and what we can expect from her in the future.

About Lex Hayley:

Lex Hayley is already known for her raw, silky, and sincere vocals. The 22 year old vocalist hails from Coram, New York in the United States and says she was inspired to start making music professionally by singer Miley Cyrus who happened to be her first role model.

Singing was originally a hobby for Lex. Being in both an acapella group and church choir, she learned the fundamentals of singing that she would soon need in her music career.

As a child she had always shown an affinity towards music. But the ambition really solidified in her teenage years, and eventually showed up at her doorstep as an opportunity to make music with rapper Alex Russell.

After releasing two singles in 2018, Lex Hayley followed it up with the release of her debut EP album called “Love Ties”. In the fall of 2019, she decides to take her career one step further by venturing into the industry as a solo artist.

We asked her about what inspires her to be in the music industry and to do what it is that she does. She said that she is inspired to make music by the people who aren’t afraid of stepping outside the box to represent themselves as they are through music. She is inspired by the prospect of improving herself and her career and to become bigger and better in the upcoming stages. She is inspired by listening and watching unique artists write and sing groundbreaking music, which in turn inspires her to write more music. 

She puts everything into her music. Her lyrics are plucked out from her blood, her sweat, her tears, her pulse and put onto a paper to be performed. Lex Hayley is bringing everything that is going on in her life out onto the paper and then booming through a speaker.

In July of 2020, she signed a record deal with Live Mic Records which is a local Long Island, New York label that has various artists and genres that includes some of her closest friends. She comes about as a great addition to the music industry.

You can listen to Lex Hayley’s new release and her older songs on Spotify.

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