High Rise Window Replacement Team Protecting the Toronto Skyline

A high rise window replacement company has released a three point guide for office owners to help keep office blocks in Toronto safe and the city looking good.

HighRise Glass Repairs has issued the guide to show the importance of damaged glass being replaced as it is a key part of a high rise building’s structure and aesthetics.

A spokesman from the Toronto based company said that if windows are damaged, not only does it impact the look of the building, but it damages the integrity of the building, its security and the environment for workers inside.

The three most common causes of damaged windows on high rise building for office owners and manager to be aware of are:

1. Climate

Windows are built to withstand the heat, cold, snow and ice, but over time the constant exposure to the element can cause the glass to weaken and crack. Many office owners are also surprised to hear that humidity can be a big risk factor. Humidity inside and outside the window can cause the window to break completely.

2. Ageing

There is nothing office owners can do about aging of windows, other than to be aware of it and to keep a check on windows as they are getting older to make sure they are replaced before too much damage is done. Over time with exposure to extreme temperatures and the expansion and contraction of the glass, and impact from flying objects, can cause cracking.

3. Impact

Damage to glass can be caused by birds, flying debris in storms, vandalism or even by the office workers themselves due to an accident or something falling against the glass. Most high rise building glass is reinforced and some is even bullet proof, but again over time heavy impacts can compromise the glass and cause cracking.

A spokesman from HighRise Glass Repairs said: “Some of these factors can’t be stopped by office owners because it is just wear and tear, but it is important they are aware of damage that can be done so they can be on top of repairs.

“Windows play such a key role in the structure of any building, but they also allow natural light in and prevent rain, snow and damp getting in and damaging the inside office space. If they are not repaired in a timely manner, office owners are risking potentially costly damage to the inside of the offices and compromising the safety of staff inside.

“And unsightly windows in high rise buildings doesn’t look good on the landscape of our wonderful city,” he added.

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HighRise Glass Repairs has been working in the Greater Toronto Area replacing glass in a wide range of buildings for many years. It prides itself on high level of customer service from its highly trained team of glass replacement specialists. All of the company’s technicians are certified for working at height as well as other trainings and certifications in glass replacement, customer care and health and safety.

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