Recognized Trading & Shipping, Inc. Leads the World in the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Material Waste for Recycling

Getting rid of hazardous material waste can often be a difficult task. Refineries, chemical manufacturers and industrial manufacturers are looking for alternatives to dumping hazardous waste in landfills. For this purpose, Recognized Trading & Shipping, Inc. has been a name that is often recommended. The company is a renowned specialist in the field of hazardous waste removal for recycling, as well as hazardous waste exporting. They buy and ship hazardous wastes containing semi-precious metals and other hazardous materials to Hongjing Resource Co., Ltd., located in the Republic of Korea, for recycling.

With over 15 years in the experience, they have perfected their service and work in accordance to OECD, Basel Convention, 40CFR, Title 22 and the Waste German Act in the transboundary movements of hazardous waste.

Recognized Trading & Shipping, Inc. uses a set of innovative solutions that have allowed them to lead the world in efficiency. With transparency being a focal point, they are one of the few companies to highlight each element of the process. Through their unique strategies, they make the details of their work clear to their clients beforehand. As a result, they allow their clients and partners to have a level of confidence that is often not achieved. They can be sure that their cargo is going where it should go. With contracts directly with carriers and clear import and export customs, they offer an unmatched and transparent experience.

RTS is the only company in the world that ships hazardous waste overseas for recycling. They have strong connections with the EPA and know all the trades routes necessary to get hazmat from one global location to another.

Many now consider RTS to be the top option for spent catalyst shipping destined to be recycled. Through their efforts, they have also assisted in preserving the environment by reducing the use of energy and through recycling refinery waste. With continued focus, Recognized Trading & Shipping, Inc. hopes to continue and build on their lead in hazardous materials transport. It is their aim to remain the most prominent and reliable option for all of their international customers.

Recognized Trading & Shipping, Inc. is dedicated to working towards a better world. Their commitment to making the world landfill free is backed by President Kevin Berry’s 3 decades of experience in the industry.

About Recognized Trading & Shipping, Inc.

Recognized Trading & Shipping, Inc. is an international hazardous waste transport and company. With over 15 years of experience, they have become a bastion of transparency and efficiency in the global hazmat waste transport market. Leading the world with their high standards and efficiency, they offer refineries and manufacturing clients some of the most cost-effective solutions available. The company buys and ships hazardous wastes containing metals to Hongjing Resource Co., Ltd., located in the Republic of Korea, for recycling.  

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