Thomas Lennon Wows the World With Exceptional Music and Photography Portfolio

Thomas Lennon Wows the World With Exceptional Music and Photography Portfolio

October 16, 2020 Very rarely does the world get to see multitalented people, but Thomas Lennon makes the cut with his exceptional ability as a music artist and photographer.  Thomas Lennon’s exceptional portfolio is proof of how comfortable he is with a mic or camera in hand. The electronic pop musician-composer has earned a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional movie soundtracks. His eye for landscape photography is just as commendable. Lennon’s drone footage and photography stills featured on social media are breathtaking, to say the least.

Several photographers have transitioned from creating music to photography and vice versa. Some feel the need to find a more identifiable medium that satisfies creative desire, while others do so to make more money, but Thomas Lennon is neither of them. This is a man whose soundtracks complement his videos in a beautiful synchronization of dramatic music and visuals coming together aesthetically. Watching Lennon’s drone footage of Croaghmoyle Mountain in Glenisland, Co Mayo Ireland with his original Epigenetic Moods as the background score is a beautiful assault on the senses. In fact, it could well be a stressbuster.

Lennon’s music is primarily electronic instrumental, almost trance-like. Combining his visual footage with his original scores is actually a clever strategy of targeting dual audiences and it seems to be working.  His talent as a musical composer cannot be questioned after listening to a couple of his tracks like Open with strong use of Native American Elements. The track is not noisy but a beautiful score that evokes ASMR vibes. The musician’s photography over the years reflects his evolution into a mature photographer with a good eye for landscape photography. His nature stills are stunning and captured at precise moments to reflect nature’s raw beauty.

Thomas Lennon says he has always been inspired visually. He discovered his love for photography after he became the official photographer of a band he played in during his earlier days as a musician. Although his journey as a music composer has led to several compositions now streaming all over digital media, Lennon says he became frustrated with music. It was then that he took to photography more seriously shooting with his Mavic 2 Pro Drone using ND filters for effect. Lennon says he is still discovering his style of photography.

His music is dominated by Electronic and future pop and leans towards movie soundtrack style compositions.  He also uses Ableton Live for sequencing and Komplete Kontrol with a variety of plugins from Native Instruments and partners. Thomas Lennon’s goal is to create music for a variety of music fans and to gain more footage both as a photographer and professional music composer.

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