Into Plumbing & Heating are Recommending Touchless Appliances To help battle Covid

As part of the drive to lower the transmission of Covid-19, Into Plumbing and Heating are recommending and installing touchless devices such as faucets and toilet flushes to help combat the spread of Covid-19. Commonly found in public restrooms, Darren Dimmick (company founder) from Into Plumbing and Heating is now discussing the pros of fitting these high-tech devices for regular clients in Essex, UK.

Infrared sensors are used to activate water release in taps andtoilets which minimises the amount of exposure to potentially infected surfaces. Darren Dimmock commented “Technology, even without the threat of Covid-19, should be commonplace in domestic and commercial utility and toiletry rooms. The spread of any virus can have a detrimental effect on a person’sday, let alone the fact that illnesses have a huge impact on the UK economy each year. Sensor taps are also water efficient, so are much more eco-friendly”.

Touch-Free sensors are not just limited to appliances for reducing the spread of diseases. Additionally, they are helpful to open doors, doorbells, elevator buttons, hand sanitisers, light switches and walk in lighting. While this technology is not new, the threat of Covid-19 has certainly accelerated thethought going into this area of technology. Tech giants such as Apple and Samsung have created mobile phones that can now control smart plugs, speakers, cameras, lighting, air conditioners, thermostats, fridges and even activate the release of treats for your pets remotely. 

Darren also commented on the change in his daily workflow since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Demand for commercial work has certainly dropped to an all-time low and I expect that demand from the domestic sector will increase substantially. With far more of the public now working from home, plumbing appliances will be used far more frequently leading to more breakdowns from wear and tear”.

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