Mask Design Contest From Tokyo for a Fashionable Solution Against the Pandemic

Calling out to all creators for a mask design contest!!

Digital Fashion Creation Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), which promotes the development of fashion design platform where creatives around the world can publish their works and make earnings, will host a mask design contest for the purpose of turning preventative meajures against infectious diseases into something positive by making masks more fashionable in times when viruses threaten the world. 

Excellent works will be turned into actual products and the design fee will be paid to the creators, and all of the profits will be donated to COVID-19 infectious disease prevention and research.

Contest Background

People become infected with influenza and the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) due to the virus adhering to moisture and dust in the air and objects/surfaces and those particles entering into our bodies.

The virus is smaller than the mesh of the mask, however using the masks correctly can help prevent the transmission of the diseases by preventing the saliva and splashes that fly from the mouth and nose into the air when a person coughs or sneazes. It also has the effect of preventing the virus from adhering to objects and also touching our own noses and mouths directly if we have touched an infected surface or objects.

It has been said that it is an effective preventative measure for the infected individuals to wear masks as a common courtesy to prevent transmision, and if by making masks more fashionable and can sublimate daily wear of masks, the company believes that it would be possible to build a world where wearing masks is “cool” and that can lead to preventing the transmission of said diseases more widespread and effectively.  

Digital Fashion Creations LTD. would like to call out to all future fashion designers from around the world (students studying at fashion schools and graduates and people who aspire to become fashion designers)to submit your creative works for a mask design contest aimed for world peace by spreading infection prevention.  

Contest Outline

1. Contest Dates

July 1st, 2020 (Mon) to December 31st, 2020 (Mon) 

2. Implementation content

Requesting mask designs.

PIF Mask design contest website:

We are looking for mask designs that match the specified format (Limited to unpublished and or original works).

We welcome entries of original illustrations and photos.

We will select excellent works from the submitted works and will turn them into actual masks.

At the time of sales, we will propose a commission to the design creator according to the number of sales.

In addition, we will present prizes and awards for excellent and innovative works.

3. Award benefits

Excellent work (1 or more people): Prize: 1,000USD + Royalty for commercialization.

4. Application flow

Please apply by uploading the design from the application form on the dedicated website. 

5. Notes

• You can submit as many designs as desired.

• The designs of the submitted works will be shared with the organizer and will be introduced on various media. 

• Limited to unreleased original works.

• When using photos, only works that use subjects whose copyright is not restricted.

• When commercializing, we will propose a reward/commission according to the number of sales.

Media Contact
Company Name: Digital Fashion Creation Inc.
Contact Person: Alan Simons
Email: Send Email
City: Tokyo
Country: Japan