Messi sleeps on an anti COVID-19 mattress

Innovative solutions to keep your bed clean

The COVID-19 pandemic is far more than a health crisis, it has had far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease itself and efforts to quarantine it. Everybody is doing their bit to keep coronavirus away and not get infected by the virus. Many protective measures are being implemented by people across the world to stay safe and healthy.

It is essential that we find the healthiest, safest and most effective ways to stay protected as we head into a new post-coronavirus future. The six-time Ballon d’Or winner, Lionel Messi is not an exception to rule. Barcelona and Argentina’s Messi has reportedly taken steps to protect his wife and children from coronavirus with his latest purchase, has recently bought a mattress which ‘kills coronavirus’ in just 4 hours. Lionel amongst other famous celebrities including Sergio Aguero and Saúl Ñíguez are sharing their stories and actions towards staying safe.

The Barcelona players are undergoing COVID-19 tests every four days to remain free from the deadly infection. Yet, Messi however has added another layer of protection for him and his family with the mattresses.

It had been reported that the mattress is produced by Tec Moon Co., a Spanish manufacturer that created a system called ‘Viruclean’ in which by means of nanoparticles applied to its tissue manages to eliminate any virus in a maximum of four hours.

On the other hand, Tonvoy Technology, a Genève based company investing in adapting cutting-end technology to serve the purpose of creating innovative products, is about to launch an innovative multifunction portable device sterilization robot called the RAYBOT that moves around surfaces shining UV-C light to auto-sterilize and disinfect hands-free.

The RAYBOT can be used to automatically disinfect and clean beds mattresses as it identifies surface borders, walks through the mattress killing mites, bacteria and viruses in on the mattress within 20 minutes, subsequently, RAYBOT users can rest their minds and safely sleep in a germ-free environment.

Throughout our visit to Tonvoy Technology Testing Laboratories, Eng. M. Raphaël, Tonvoy’s CTO, informed us that the RAYBOT includes 18 hi-tech sensors that are programed to ensure full surface coverage while UV-C ray that is powered by a magnetic flux leakage transformer with primary winding input of 5V and secondary winding output of more than 1000V , will ensure that the bactericidal rate is almost Zero, which is represented by 99.99% killing rate.

The RAYBOT, is expected to be launched by the mid of October will be considered as the most effective and affordable mattress disinfection tool, as it is portable, easy to use, and works automatically based on a predefined logic and analytics.

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