Opulent Blends, Inc. Serves Premium Plants Nutritionals

Opulent Blends, Inc. Serves Premium Plants Nutritionals
High Quality Plant Nutritionals for Everyone

Opulent Blends, Inc. was founded on August 8th, 2019. The company serves the community of growers, both farmers and home gardeners, with premium plant nutritionals. Growers in the agriculture community are often faced with problems such as chlorosis, iron deficiency, imbalanced nutrient uptake, and low crop yield. Opulent Blends, Inc. is helping put a stop to those undesirable problems by supplying growers with their amino acid-based products. They have performed over 150 tests on crops to ensure their premium quality plant nutritionals would substantially increase the overall health and growth of plants. This was the defining moment for Opulent Blends into forming effective biostimulants for complexing and plant growth. Through extensive research and analyzing test results, Opulent Blends confirms that foliar application of their amino acid-based products increases crop yield, health, and growth of plants.

Opulent Blends noticed a reoccurring issue arise in growers who use soil application of products, which was imbalanced nutrient uptake and found a solution: foliar application of nutrients. Plants absorb more effectively through the leaf surface, so foliar liquid amino nutrients deliver a high degree of efficiency. Foliar application of amino acids is substantially healthier for plants because there is much less interference from other unwanted chemicals that occur often when applying nutrients through the soil. Due to the extremely high effectiveness of foliar application of amino acid nutrients, only a small quantity of nutrients received through foliar application accomplish the same effect in the plant as a much greater amount received through the soil.

Opulent Blends creates innovative products that are suitable for organic farming and improves agriculture as a whole. They strive to serve the agriculture community of growers with systemic premium plant nutritionals. They released their line of Optimizer products including: Growth Optimizer, Bloom Optimizer, Green Optimizer, and Soil Optimizer. These products can be used for the betterment of crops, flowers, and soil. Opulent Blends works closely with large growers and provides wholesale products to be used for increasing overall crop yield and plant growth. Their products are suitable for organic farming and beneficial for home gardeners as well. If you want more flowers or more vegetables in your home garden, their Bloom Optimizer is the way to go to increase flower yield and their Growth Optimizer provides the essentials for growth of plants, especially vegetables. Opulent Blends is benefiting the agriculture community as a whole with their premium plant nutritionals.

For more information about Opulent Blends, visit https://opulentblends.net/.

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