EATEL Offers a Great Deal on Home Security

EATEL Offers a Great Deal on Home Security

Home security is a top priority for many homeowners and families today. If someone is trying to figure out what they need, or why certain features are essential, they may need some help and guidance. The benefits offered by home security systems range from preventing a break-in from calling for emergency help when needed. Keep reading to learn some of the other reasons it is such a good idea to contact companies like EATEL to invest in home security.

Protect and Secure the Home and Property

The main reason it is necessary to install a home security system is to secure a home and property. According to statistics, a burglary occurs every 13 seconds; there are four burglaries per minute, 240 an hour, and around 6,000 every single day.

Installing a home security system from a company like means that a homeowner can protect their home, family, and valuables. It is also estimated that one out of three homes with no security system in place will be a victim of burglary compared to one out of 250 homes that do.

Security Systems Offer a High Level of Fire Protection

Most people believe a home security system just protects their homes from nefarious individuals. However, what they may not realize is that this system also offers protection from fires, too. It is estimated that a home fire is reported every 20 seconds. When a home has a home security system installed, it offers an early warning system when smoke is formed and warnings related to heat sources.

It is possible to install heat detectors with a home security system, as well. These detectors can help someone find out if there is a fire building in or around the home and provide upfront notice of small temperature/heat changes. This will help to reduce the possibility of fire damage further.

Use a Home Surveillance System to Manage Electricity

Home security and surveillance systems are also needed from because this system can monitor the home’s total energy use. Most people have left their house, only to realize they left on one or more lights or there was an appliance running. Having remote access through a home security system allows a person to turn the appliances or lights off, regardless of where they are. It can also be used to turn off cooling or heating devices when no one is home and then turn them back on right before people arrive.

Reduce Homeowner’s Insurance Costs

Owning a home means that homeowner’s insurance is a necessary purchase. This is another reason it is a good idea to invest in home security. The total cost of homeowner’s insurance varies based on the coverage, location, payment options, actual insurance company, home type, and an array of other factors. With a security system, it can help reduce these premiums significantly. That is because the system is considered a preventative tool that will catch any potential issues before they have the chance to cause serious problems or damage. 

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