HireSmarter Announces Launch of Hire Smarter Resource Center

We grew our team at Content Distribution from 0 to 25 FTEs in 14 months without any prior management experience or formal HR training. We’re building HireSmarter to share what we’ve learned about building high performing remote teams of individuals that love their job.

HireSmarter.io announces the launch of the HireSmarter Resource Center. HireSmarter’s resource center is focused on providing employers and HR professionals resources on building high performing remote teams.

The founders of HireSmarter previously built Content Distribution from 0 to 25 FTEs in 14 months, during a pandemic, as a 100% remote organization, and without any formal HR training or prior management experience.

HireSmarter’s Resource Center will provide:

  • 100% actionable hiring, onboarding, engagement and retention tips
  • Expert interviews with People Operations leaders at America’s fastest growing companies
  • Hard learned lessons navigating the HR tech software stack needed to empower fast growing, remote organizations

Meet the team at HireSmarter:

  1. Gordana  Sretenovic, Executive Editor
  2. Nick Jordan, Advisor
  3. Bojan Maric, Director of SEO
  4. Matija Trajkovic, Lead Content Strategist

The HireSmarter team has spent the last year working closely to grow Content Distribution from 0 to 25 FTEs in 14 months.

HireSmarter’s first educational content series is focused on:

  1. Job descriptions to attract passionate people
  2. Interview questions to find great candidates
  3. Templates for job offers, benefits, compensation plans, promotions and terminations
  4. Reviews on the most impactful HR technologies with buying guides to help companies make smarter human resource decisions

To learn more about HireSmarter.io please see:

To announce the launch of HireSmarter’s Resource Center, HireSmarter is also sponsoring the Seattle Marketing & Demand Leaders Meetup.

Learn more about Seattle Marketing & Demand Leaders Meetup @ https://www.meetup.com/SeattleMarketers/

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