How to Choose the Best Flashlight, The Observer Tools Guide

How to Choose the Best Flashlight, The Observer Tools Guide
The Must-Have LED Rechargeable Flashlight for Your Home

Today, a flashlight is essential for any household, whether it’s for evening walks, preparing for the worst, home repairs, hiking, or camping. While deciding which flashlight to buy can be difficult, it’s vital to get the right one for you. You may have asked yourself: How can I tell between a good and bad quality flashlight? Is it safe? Bright? Durable? Versatile? Observer Tools was founded by two expert engineers committed to making professional-grade tools. We’ve put together this Observer Tools Guide, so you can make an informed decision and get the best bang for your buck.

The first thing to be aware of is: there are no standardized testing or safety requirements specific to flashlights. So, it can be hard to compare two flashlights if the corporations can choose what to say about brightness, durability, water resistance, etc. That’s right: brightness, arguably the most fundamental feature for a flashlight, is quite often not accurate!

So, how can you tell if a flashlight’s features are legitimate? It’s difficult, but not impossible. Find a company specializing in tools. Look at their warranty and what quality controls they use. The great thing about finding a specialist is that you know they’ll bring all of their passion and expertise to the table without spreading their brand too thin. You can also look to a retailer like Home Depot or Lowe’s, but they typically only have basic safety requirements.

It also depends on what you’ll be using the flashlight for. This breakdown may help you decide:

THE WALKER: If you’re an evening or early morning walker, an LED flashlight with 300 lumens and a 250ft beam distance has enough brightness. If you’re walking regularly, a rechargeable flashlight with 2+ hours of runtime is best. A lightweight, durable, and waterproof design will also be helpful. You can expect to spend $20-$30.

THE PLANNER: If you’re someone that always wants to be prepared (blackouts, flat tires, storms), an LED rechargeable flashlight with 3+ hours of runtime and a power bank and dual power feature is ideal. Additionally, 500 lumens and a 250ft beam distance will be all the brightness you need. This flashlight will run you $30-$40.

THE DIY-GURU: If you’re looking for an LED flashlight to help with DIY repairs or your favorite hobby, 1000 lumens, with at least a High and Low mode, and 100ft+ beam distance will be enough brightness. Rechargeable flashlights with 3+ hours of runtime are best. You’ll also want zoom capability, versatile mounting, and a reliable, waterproof design. You should expect to spend $30-$50.

THE EXPLORER: For someone who frequently goes camping or hiking, an LED rechargeable flashlight with 4+ hours of runtime and a power bank is perfect. For brightness, you should look for 600 lumens, with at least a High and Low mode, and 500ft of beam distance. The flashlight should be sturdy and waterproof and will typically cost $40-$60.

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