DTF Technology Revolutionizes Printing With At-Home T-Shirt Solution

By allowing for desktop printer conversion, DTF Technology has created an accessible t-shirt printing solution that doesn’t require expensive equipment.

Alongside a website launch, DTF Technology’s exciting new printing mechanism allows users to print high-quality t-shirts from the comfort of their own home or office. DTF allows creators to ditch their primitive printing ways. The company offers an affordable, fast, and efficient printing service that can easily be integrated by converting a regular inkjet printer.

DTF T-Shirt Printing provides a more modern alternative to the now-archaic methods of DTG printing, screen printing and white laser toner transfers. Direct To Film a.k.a DTF delivers a printing service that isn’t here to play games. DTF gets straight to the point by delivering on-demand services and complete ease of use. Traditional methods are simply no longer practical and prove too complex for contemporary projects.

By implementing DTF into a workspace, users save time and expenses that would otherwise be occupied investing in special printers or something as high maintenance as DTG. Instead, DTF promises the only prerequisite for creating a professional-grade t-shirt right at home is having a regular desktop L1800 inkjet printer. Users will just need the special DTF ink, DTF powder, and DTF transfer film which have already been formulated to adapt to their personal printer. 

Print head clogging and drying issues no one will miss. The DTF process allows for slow drying and easy cold peeling. Plus, DTF Printing is effective at preventing powder from sticking to the wrong places. DTF powder won’t attach itself to the transfer film, ink absorption is the only thing on its radar.

“Our products are designed to effortlessly complement one another within your workspace,” says company director Ilia Boyko. “Our DTF transfer film is state-of-the-art, but it’s nothing without our precise powders and vivid pigment ink.”

About DTF Technology

DTF Technology provides one of the top professional t-shirt printing solutions in the UK. The company sells specialized DTF printing supplies that promise excellent quality, efficiency, versatility, and affordability.

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