Creator of Highly Anticipated Character ‘Boss Frog’ Launches Anti-Bullying Project Tagged “#BOSSUP”

November 2, 2020 – Professional singer and actor ‘Xylina Cassandra’ alongside other prominent celebrities and movie stars launch an anti-bullying campaign tagged “#BOSSUP.” #BOSSUP as a project is expected to bring global awareness to anti-bullying, a rather less talked about social issue with great impact in the overall growth process.

With the need to do more in mitigating the cancerous act of bullying and protect the young ones, the #BOSSUP campaign would focus on positively engaging everyone (young people, parents, and teachers) towards nurturing better attitudes and behaviors. The campaign would also target the building of skills and confidence needed to address different bullying situations and types.

Joining Xylina Cassandra on this anti-bullying advocacy project are celebrities such as Jordon Claire Robbins from the Umbrella Academy, Kyle Lowder from Days of Our Lives, Joe Jones with the Denver Broncos, and Kevin Sorbo from Hercules among others. As a plus, the anticipated TV character ‘BOSS FROG’ would also serve as a concrete platform to practically teach the anti-bullying lessons.

Discussing the TV character as a desirable model that children will resonate with, Xylina stated that “BOSS FROG” would be the next big children’s character, helping all young ones build self-confidence in order to be the person they want to be and do the things they want to do in life. Xylina describing the “BOSS FROG” character said:

He’s the cool big cousin every kid loves to spend time with. A life coach of sorts for kids, Boss leads by example showing us how to BOSS UP! Boss strives to be his best authentic self – whether that’s through his fresh outfits, healthy eating, mental health, or his sometimes half-baked entrepreneurial endeavors. His wide scope of areas in life where he is trying to BOSS UP give us the chance to develop many programs in which he lends his advice to kids. Because he is typically the one who MAKES THE LEAP, his high confidence sometimes gets him in situations where he’s out of his depth. This gives us a chance to peel back the curtain on what it truly means to be a boss IN PROGRESS. Thankfully Boss’ team of friends has skills complimentary to his, and come to the rescue offering their help… even when he’s too proud to ask for it.”

Xylina Cassandra is the creator of the most anticipated character – “BOSS FROG.” She is a professional singer and actor and many of her works can be found on her website. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and has been singing and acting her entire life.

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