LH Healthy Life Care launches Febris.EYE, a Fever Detector that instructs with voice when people approach within 1m.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/egAZFHZoKcA

LH Healthy Life Co., Ltd. has released a fever detector that automatically measures body temperature when a person approaches within 1 meter and informs the person by voice. In order to prevent the spread of corona, body temperature being is detected in places where people frequently enter. In particular, personal information and body temperature are being recorded at most large facilities where a lot of people gather, such as public institutions, banks, and schools.

For such occasions, a non-contact skin thermometer that measures the temperature of the forehead and a thermal imaging camera that can check body heat from a distance of 1 to 2 meters are mainly used. The non-contact thermometer has the advantage of being inexpensive, but it is cumbersome for the user and the visitor may feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, thermal imaging cameras without such shortcomings have the advantage of being able to check fever from a distance (1 to 2 meters). However, its high price makes it difficult to make a quick purchase decision, beings its great disadvantage. Moreover, thermal imaging cameras shoot up to women’s underwear and such a possible violation of privacy is also pointed out as an additional disadvantage.

Febris.EYE is currently actively negotiating with the bus association. Dense spaces, such as buses, are places where the spread of Covid-19 is likely to happen. The current discussion is to prevent the spread of corona by installing Febris.EYE at the entrance of the bus and measuring body temperature without contact before boarding. In addition, it is very suitable for installation at the entrance of places that have a high population density or where a large number of people visit such as restaurants, coffee shops, schools, offices, and military units. 

One of the strengths of Febris.EYE is that it measures the temperature of the face or body of a person within 1 meter. There also is a mode that measures the temperature of the palm of the hand at a distance of 10 cm. This is a function that considers people who are reluctant to expose their face or body and can be installed at the entrance of various places to be used simply.

Febris.EYE, dreaming of the Global Fever Free Project, quotes the Latin word Febris, which means Fever, to compose the phrase ‘eyes that see heat’. This is the philosophy of LH Healthy Life that wants to prevent the spread of corona around the world. The company explains that the product was developed to relieve the agony of many store owners suffering from the corona.   

Febris.EYE released by LH Healthy Life Style Co., Ltd. is inexpensive because it extracts only the main functions for detecting heat from a thermal imaging camera and combines it with Febris.EYE.core, the part developed by the company itself. Febris.EYE.core (part), which has already secured the copyright, performs all functions independently by simply connecting the power source. Applying this part, it is possible to add a heat detection function to various equipment (fingerprint recognizer, door camera, CCTV camera, etc.) According to an insider at LH Healthy Life Style Co., Ltd., a follow-up model with a built-in QR code recognition function for epidemiological investigation is also in the development stage.

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