Meet El Maleante: An artist that pioneers the sound of Reggaeton

In his own peculiar way, Rogelio Gorin aka El Maleante a Panamanian Reggae/Reggaeton singer-songwriter, and recording artist is taking his music to the next level with his skills and deep understanding of music.

The artist is presenting his new single featuring Kelvin Rey. The song easily fits with mainstream reggaeton and makes a special place in the hearts of music lovers. Also, the song’s architecture creates a space for his natural talent as a musician to emerge. With his new song, the Panamanian singer EI Maleante became the overnight darling of music-loving people.

The thing that makes El Maleante smile is making music that people are supporting and enjoying.

Since the beginning, being musically curious he played various instruments and now solidified his name as a fine recording artist as well. EI Maleante was always most interested in reggae en español. The genre was born in Panama in the late 1960s and ’70s, after descendants of Jamaican laborers who constructed the Panama Railroad brought reggae, and later dancehall, to Central America.

While sharing how he got his name El Maleante, The artist stated that was given while collaborating in the recording studio on the album “Muevelo” con “El General” who is a heavyweight Spanish Reggae artist and his main source of musical influence; another Panamanian artist who’s credited with being the father of Spanish reggae.

Unlike many of the genre’s rappers, EI Maleante composes his music, then writes the optimistic wordplay that he sings in a warm, soulful tenor — all evidence of urban’s move toward a more R&B-driven future. 

The song is available at DropBox. Tune in to get the most intense vibrations, and exciting union between melodic and striking vocals, powerful riffs with tons of energy to listen to the maximum volume.

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