Now On Kickstarter, The World’s First Car Wireless Mobile Phone Controller

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a new way to keep one’s eyes on the road.

Rahul Badhan, an electronics engineer, has announced an exciting new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the world’s first car wireless mobile phone controller. An innovative device restoring safety and security to the world’s roadways, the wireless mobile phone controller provides a safe hands-free driving experience for any car driver, so they no longer have to take their eyes off the road to use their cell phones or touchscreens.

Each day, the notifications, text messages, and phone calls we receive on our mobile devices while driving prove to be increasingly dangerous. Clicking, tapping, and swiping is the leading cause of distracted driving on roadways worldwide, and distracted drivers are killing more people every day – shattering lives. Forever changing the lives of drivers, passengers, and bystanders, this new risk has been met with a demand for a new solution that makes roadways safer in the digital age.

The portable wireless mobile phone controller is that solution. A device that mounts seamlessly to the driver’s steering wheel, the wireless mobile phone controller provides convenient access to a phone remotely and while on the go. To use the phone, simply connect it to the controller with a type-c transmitter and use a joystick and wheel input system to navigate the phone. Keeping hands where they belong – on the steering wheel – distractions and risks to other drivers are reduced. Without looking at the phone’s display, keep access to text, navigation, and other systems as needed with improved safety.

For a limited time, support this revolutionary solution on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign will be used to support the wireless mobile phone controller, including associated production and development costs, ahead of a release in January 2021. Starting today, pledge as little as CA $89 to get the wireless controller upon release.Other rewards and bundles are available, but supplies may be limited. Act fast and visit the Kickstarter campaign page today for more information. 


The wireless mobile phone controller is a new way to use mobile devices while keeping one’s eyes on the road. Developed by Rahul Badhan, an electronics engineer, the wireless mobile phone controller lets drivers operate a phone without looking at it using a joystick and wheel input system that is mounted to a vehicle’s steering wheel.

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