The first anchor contest in Sydney came to an end, the Australia brand of EAORON becomes the first choice for live webcast

Under the trending of live broadcast e-commerce to get rich by the live broadcast, more and more cross-border e-commerce practitioners around the world are starting to focus on popular live broadcast platforms. From October 28th to 29th, in Sydney, Australia, the first anchor contest with the theme of “Sydney anchors are in vogue” officially came to an end, several Australian students and shopkeepers act as purchasing agency have tried a new model of live delivery for the first time. Although they are a bit unfamiliar to the live broadcast and the sales, relying on the familiarity to the products and the precise selection of products, they finally won the sales of over 200,000 Australian dollars under the situation of generally amateur accounts. Among them, as known as Australia’s “Medical Beauty Geek”, the Australian national skin care brand EAORON to be the choice of most of the participating anchors, and accounted for most of the sales.

Reporters learned that the contest was co-hosted by the Sydney Founding Brand Research Center, ANZ TV, and Sydney Hot Mom. This contest attracted wide attention and active participation from Australian students, overseas purchasing agents and other groups, and nearly 100 “Amateur” anchors were attracted in related fields for participation. Finally, 22 people entered the semifinals and 9 entered the finals. According to reports, during the two-day, 20 hour live broadcast finals, the total number of viewers exceeded 30000, with a total sales of more than 1500 pieces and sales of more than 200,000 Australian dollars.

200,000 Australian dollars, 18 hours of turnover is indeed quite a lot. However, these “Amateur” anchors are neither beautiful nor rich in live delivery experience, why can they achieve such good results on the first try? The reporter learned that precise selection is the key.

The champion of this competition, the Sydney student “Sweet Seven” introduced that as a non-fan base of amateur, it is really difficult for the live delivery, especially for the products that she has not used personally, and there is no the methods to break through psychological barriers for commercial sales. Therefore, she can only focus on the precise selection of products.

“I have listed more than 10 products during the live broadcast, half of which come from the major Australian skin care brand EAORON, because I am a skin care enthusiast, I have been using this brand all the time, and the effect is pretty good, and since such brand has been used by myself, I dare to recommend it to others. In the live broadcast, a number of fans were originally EAORON users, and coupled with the attractive price, everyone placed an order soon.”Sweet Seven told reporters that she made a statistics after the contest, the sales of EAORON accounted for about 65% of her total live broadcast sales.

“If you want to avoid setbacks when operating live broadcasts, you must choose those popular models that fans have heard and bought.” The relevant person in charge of this contest told reporters that EAORON, as a true and famous national skin care brand endorsed by the three-terms Australian Prime Minister, not only has a huge advertisement at Sydney Airport, but also sells in more than 1,000 offline pharmacies in Australia. Choosing such a product not only saves time in marketing but also is more conducive to reaching a deal. In this live broadcast, the classic and popular products of EAORON, such as the smear-type water light needle, water light needle type of white mask, and bee venom mask, have become the main force of this sales.

A senior marketing expert in the international beauty industry believes that Australia, with the world’s most stringent skin care product production standards and the world’s purest raw materials, is rich in natural, safe and effective skin care products. As the most outstanding representative of Australian skin care products, EAORON has a strong influence in the global market, coupled with the excellent R&D strength and the leading products iterative ability of “Australian Medical Beauty Geek”, it’s no surprise that EAORON can stand out in the skin care product market in the Red Sea.

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