Creative Biolabs’ Immuno-Oncology Programs Enable Efficient Development of Innovative Therapeutic Candidates

Creative Biolabs is an expert in designing and developing novel therapeutics, which can not only be applied to treat cancer but also for a wide range of other research purposes.

New York, USA – November 4, 2020 – The entire healthcare system is working hard towards precision medicine that can treat tricky diseases like cancer in a better manner and improve human health. Creative Biolabs has been exploring in the relevant fields to provide more efficient approaches that can push forward the development of novel therapeutics, and its team has already launched therapeutic antibody and integrated protein platforms from gene to bio-therapeutics, which cover the entire pipeline that is composed of discovery, biologics testing, development, preclinical testing, cGMP Manufacturing, IND regulatory service, and modality.

Biological assays can give out detailed information about drugs’ biological activities by observing their effects on living animals or tissues, which can also detect biohazards, provide quality evaluation of mixtures, assess environmental impact, and evaluate the safety of new technologies and facilities. Creative Biolabs has comprehensive biologics testing services (biomarker development, immunoassay, structure characterization, post-translational modification, etc.) that are offered by the scientists with rich experience in oncology immunotherapy, covering the whole drug development cycle and guaranteed to be in compliance with GMP regulations.


• The entire workflow is confirmed to follow the authoritative rules and regulations (FDA, EMA).
• All-round safety testing can be performed, including cell and molecular biology as well as microbiology.

Creative Biolabs developed a series of development platforms to enhance the research in immunotherapy in key stages, which are supported by world-class Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturing facilities. The almighty service portfolio composes cell line development, cell banking, cell link characterization, cell culture process development, purification development, formulation development, and so on, among which the cell line development is popular among the pharmaceutical enterprises requiring a stable cell line that is outstanding in producing recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody. Creative Biolabs can handle cell line construction, process development, cell banking and cell analysis, and other corresponding projects.


• Powerful platforms for molecular biology and cell biology combined with stable cell line to ensure stable protein and antibody productivity.
• Comprehensive analytical approaches for cell line validation are provided, including clone productivity screening, target gene/protein expression, and sequence analysis.

Based upon the high-end technology platforms, the solutions for immunotherapy development at Creative Biolabs involve the mainstream of research interests, such as T cell related therapeutics, NK cell related therapeutics, macrophage related therapeutics, and hard-to-treat diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and COVID-19.

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Introduction of Creative Biolabs

As a leading CRO, Creative Biolabs is offering high-standard services to the healthcare industry across the world, which is made up of P.h.D level scientists who are committed to exploring strategic collaborations with global pharmaceutical and biotech industry partners, and therefore unleash the creative spirit and reach new horizons in the study of immuno-oncology.

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