Unemployment rate raising, see how the startup Mosnin is combating it

Florida, Miami – Nov 4, 2020 – Tech Startup, Mosnin, urges unemployed workers to adapt to the new world by creating their own digital storefronts. With hundreds created, Mosnin fights back, while the current financial state of the world swings in despair.

“These are new times. Because of the epidemic, millions are left unemployed at home and wondering what they could possibly do. Brick and mortar businesses simply aren’t getting enough foot traffic these days. We need innovators and advertisers to increase economic growth” founder says when asked his view on this situation. Mosnin is on track to launch their innovative software by early november.

While most believe its rocket science to start an online venture, Mosnin proves otherwise. It’s not about skill or remembering these days – the internet is at our fingertips and all of the data is here. Schools fail to simplify online business such as ecommerce. We must educate the masses on the power of the internet and how it works. The question whether people will move online poses serious concerns, but marketers warn we are on the verge of a “technological shift”.

Dustie Samson, founder of Intentional Training, said “Mosnin demonstrated speed and skill building my personal brand. I have tried other companies and the pricing is just way too high, plus I never see results. Mosnin created everything, from a to z, that I needed to scale my business. At the same time they also helped me cross the steep learning curve” in a recent interview. Dustie also estimates tripling her clientele by January.

“Everyone knows e-commerce is the new dot com boom but nobody knows how to start. We offer the education and framework for anyone to venture online” said Preston, founder of Mosnin.

“Right now we know the world is changing, and we need innovators, but that’s okay,” Preston continued,“because it’s critical that we come together and change the planet for good — and it will happen.”

While more than 20 million people were unemployed in early may, that doest necessarily mean that we won’t innovate the digital space in the coming months. Technology will continually evolve, and so will the digital space. We are all looking forward to a brighter future.

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