The AI CITY: Where Tomorrow Lives Today

Over the last few years, the industry associated with Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) has been on the ascendancy. AI technology has proven to be an important partner in the recent efforts to contain COVID-19 and, as a result, market acceptance of AI devices and solutions has accelerated. Terminus Group, a leader in the global development of AI solutions generally and the AI CITY, in particular, has led from the front in terms of responding to the demand for new applications of AI to a variety of traditional industries.  Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, Mr. Victor Ai, as Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, has had a unique vantage point to see where AI has come from and where it can go.

The Fortune 40U40, the special event in which the most talented business elites are recognized and offered a forum to share views, was this year held Shanghai, China and Victor AI was an awardee. In 2019, Fortune Magazine named Victor as one of the Top 40 young business elites in China. For the first time ever, Fortune has introduced a supplementary honor award for the most impressive, young superstars who are transforming business at the leading edge of finance and technology. During his discussion, he said that digital technologies have the potential to preserve human civilization by comprehensively digitizing human heritage.

He also spoke about the impact of technology on the economy. ‘Whether or not people will be able to thrive in the highly competitive future environment, will largely depend on their ability to embrace the new digital economy’, said Ai, adding that ‘digitization and interconnectedness are now even more of an imperative for cities and traditional industries than ever before.’

He also discussed how future AI Cities will be greater than the sum of its parts because, while AI applications will provide specific solutions for separate urban challenges, the data generated will be collected and analyzed and put to work. He pointed out that Terminus Group was a pioneer in this industry, having been an early user of Artificial Intelligence integrated with cloud based technology and the Internet of Things.

He highlighted that Terminus had created its own AI CITY and that this development was not just smart because it includes AI technologies. It is designed to integrate, digitally, a comprehensive set of technological solutions for the challenges underlying urban living and, in so doing,  make the extraordinary ordinary as  city residents will have the benefit of and access to, amongst other things, optimal data center setup, digital simulation, perfect user experience, and operating reliability.

Victor also emphasized how the Terminus Group sees robotic technology as an important solution provider for urban problems in China and that Terminus  Group has been investing more and more in robotic related fields such as software development, on/offline security,  autonomous smart driving, and AIoT (AI+IoT).

‘The Terminus mission is to provide for an optimal user experience by ensuring an effective integration hardware, software, online scenarios, and related offline solutions. For example, a resident’s travel plan can be predicted through data culled from the resident’s in-built residential AI system. Likewise, AI systems will ensure that neighborhood stores will be stocked items that are popular with the neighbors and that traffic problems are managed and solved quickly.”

Victor is not one to rest on his laurels and Terminus Group recently announced that it was selected as the 12th and final premier partner for the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai. As part of its contribution, Terminus Group will provide over 150 robots to manage a variety of services within the Expo event. The robots are part of the AI CITY infrastructure as they will provide solutions to unique urban challenges that are exemplified in the Expo environment. Leveraging  Terminus Group’s own AIoT technologies, the robots are designed to be fully operational in different work environments, including outdoor areas at the Expo venue itself  as well as parks and other tourist attractions. The Terminus Group robots are also capable of delivering services in indoor areas at the Expo venue as well as commercial office buildings, banks and power grid management facilities.

The high performance technologies under Terminus Group have the capacity to receive, analyze, and manage information in real-time. This means that Terminus Group has the ability to support entire municipalities, enterprises, and citizens alike by optimizing institutional and individual decision-making processes and thereby improving peoples’ overall quality of life. ‘By deploying a solution-centered open software platform, Terminus Group will empower other companies by reducing their costs of entering the market and reaching out to new customers. Moreover, we believe that our system is creating something new, powerful and organic to the urban lifestyle and, with such momentum, we know we will be able to attract even more talent from around the globe to contribute to our AI CITY concept and continue to build an even more sustainable, open-ended, and AIoT-oriented world,’ said Ai.  

In listening to Victor describe his vision for the AI CITY presently, it would be easy to assume that the AI CITY itself is a project for the distant future. But that is not the case. It is a project for today. In April 2020, Terminus Group’s first AI CITY project located in southwest China’s Chongqing was launched. Based on AIoT technologies, this AI CITY will be Terminus Group’s campus style headquarters that will feature everything from smart fire prevention services to personal robotic service provider that will be equipped with smart applications. The city-level intelligent platform ecosystem will operate communities, office buildings, supermarkets and parking lots, and cover industries including energy, traffic, security, firefighting and retail.

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