Tru Balance Hair Care Empowers Hair Growth and Women Through Its Naturally Made Products

Tru Balance Hair Care Empowers Hair Growth and Women Through Its Naturally Made Products
The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp together with the safe ingredients of TRU Balance Hair Care products

Taking care of the scalp is as important as taking care of skin, as a healthy scalp is necessary for healthy hair growth. Certain products are needed to establish a routine to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. With its natural and organic ingredients, TRU Balance Hair Care is safe and effective in scalp and hair care.

TRU Balance Hair Care is by Tracy Brown, a Certified Licensed Trichologist, and Keinya Beasely, an international educator for product lines. Both are professionally licensed hairstylists with a combined 45 years of experience as salon owners, beauty school owners, and community leaders, which makes the products they offer carefully curated and high quality.

The necessary ingredients for each product proudly came from nature. Sourced from the purest botanicals, the result is gentle yet impactful hair growth stimulation, damage repair, and strengthening the hair, regardless of the hair’s texture. Minerals, herbal extracts, and natural oils are also added to help in controlling frizz, tackling dryness, preserving moisture, and cultivating the overall condition of the hair and scalp.

One of the best sellers from the TRU Balance Hair Care line is the Follicle Booster – an all-natural hair growth balm treatment for scalp on areas that need growth stimulation and hair areas with serious breakage problem. It naturally stimulates the follicles to go back to normal function. The natural oil and herbal extract included in the products act as an alarm to the hair follicles in promoting hair growth.

“I am thrilled with this product! After less than 2 weeks of use and not even every day, I have hairs growing on my head where previously there were none! I have struggled with thinning hair because of my thyroid and menopause. I have tried supplements, and very expensive topicals, and NONE have worked at all – until this product!” said one satisfied customer.

Aside from its mission to deliver quality and competent hair care products, TRU Balance Hair Care also focuses on empowering all women to love their hair and be their best version every day.

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TRU Balance Hair Care is a Sacramento-based company providing a variety of high quality and natural hair care products worldwide.

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