The 2020 “Huangyao Water Street” Cup World Madam Competition Guangxi/Guangdong Finals ends successfully

“Born for love, live for beauty”. On October 31, 2020, the finals and awards ceremony of Guangxi and Guangdong Division of World Madam Competition, which was jointly organized by the Organizing Committee of World Madam Competition, World Madam (Guangdong) Culture Development Co., Ltd., World Madam Guangxi Branch, World Madam Hezhou Division, Qingyuan Division and Guangxi Division Organizing Committee, was held in Huangyao Grand Theatre, Hezhou. The competition was exclusively sponsored by Huangyao Water Street Project. 

The finals of the “Guangdong-Guangxi” World Madam Competition continued the wonderful performances of previous competitions. With the theme of “Blooming”, more than 20 madams took to the stage to compete together. The three chapters of “beauty”, “fashion” and “hope” reinterpret the feminine spirit advocated by the world madam for many years. The contestants in the final received intensive training from teachers of the organizing committee’s advisory group. Madams practice both inside and outside, and their manners, temperament and speech have been greatly improved. On the splendid stage of Huangyao Grand Theatre, they fully demonstrated the unique graceful, charming, soft and noble charm of mature women in the East. Their unique charm and lasting appeal convinced all the audience and judges at the scene and won everyone’s applause! The event was led by famous dance artist Zhang Weili and famous event planner Kobe Feng Yuezhen. 

The first chapter of the party, “Beauty”

The second chapter of the party, “Fashion”

The third chapter of the party, “Hope”

Feng Yuezhen, president of World Madam Global Region, said that on this stage, the contestants challenged themselves and created infinite possibilities. Today’s wonderful presentation is the result of their persistent training. In the future, there will be more female friends on the platform of World Madam who can take the special train of women’s transformations, so that more people can touch the world with the unique temperaments of madams in the new era and shine in their own field.

Hu Yuanjun, Chairman of the World Madam Competition Management Company and Secretary General of the World Madam Global Region, said in an interview that the 2020 World Madam Competition has been held in many competition areas in East China, South China and North China nationwide, and nearly 20 cities including Shanghai, Xiamen, Shandong, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Foshan, Guangxi, Nanning, Guilin, Hezhou, Liuzhou and GBA. This international competition will spread the excellent Chinese traditional culture abroad. It is a pleasure to show the world the unique wisdom and charm of oriental women. Moreover, the importance of women’s development is conveyed to the whole world through the World Madam Competition to guide women’s own development. 

Ms. Wu Zhuangli, Chairman of the World Madam Guangxi Division, reviewed in detail the whole wonderful process of the 2020 World Madam Competition in Guangxi from the start to the finals. She said that the competition was brilliant. The madams of each division performed well in the finals of Guangdong and Guangxi, and achieved gorgeous transformation. Women’s strength should not be underestimated. They have advanced through steps, and they have come to the present stage. They represent a quality, a moral character, a realm, an example, a spirit, a heritage and a way of life of modern Chinese madams. 

Luo Fangjiao, the last champion, appeared and shared her experience in the World Madam Competition, affirming that participating in the World Madam Competition is the most memorable thing in her life. As for the secret of success, she said that it is most important to keep a relaxed attitude and face every performance with confidence. She hopes that on the platform of World Madam, the contestants will “influence others with their lives”, so that everyone will live more brilliantly, “touch others with their hearts”, and everyone’s heart will become sunnier. 

At the ceremony, popular singers and supermodel artists were invited. Chinese and Korean singer Xian Ya and world supermodel Chen Yuxuan all gave wonderful performances for the guests. 

Li Xinglan won the championship of Guangdong and Guangxi

Wu Zelian won the Guangxi Division Championship 

Li Dandan won the Guangdong Division Championship

Liu Fei won the elected champion

Tan Min won the Hezhou Division Championship

Liang Kerong won the Qingyuan Division Championship

Deng Liping won the second place

Ren Zhongping won the third place

The World Madam Competition, which has been established for many years, is regarded as the symbol of modern madams’ fashion culture, and is one of the most famous international beauty contests in the world. It has been rated as a famous brand competition in the global married women beauty pageant industry by international beauty pageant organizations. The influence and spread of the World Madam Competition have covered the whole world. With “beauty, wisdom, elegance, fraternity and success” as its tenet and “charity and public welfare” as its core, World Madam provides a brand-new platform for married women around the world to show themselves and serve the society. According to Feng Yuezhen, President/Chief Planner/Chief Director of World Madam Global Region, the national finals will begin on December 22nd after the competitions in various competition areas across the country. At that time, contestants from all over China will compete on the same stage to win the national finals of the World Madam Competition.

Other winners list

Charity Ambassador – Xie Xueyu

The Best Photogenic Madam – Mo Yanping

The Most Wise Madam – Zie Fang

The Best Moral Madam – Lin Xuying

The Best Confident Madam – Lin Chunling

The Most Attractive Madam – Li Xinglan

The Most Beautiful Smiling Madam – Wei Yanfei

The Best Madam of Art – Tan Min

The Best Madam in Body – Chen Lichan

The Most Elegant Madam – Wu Zelian

The Most Popular Madam – Lao Hui

The Most Popular Madam – Zhang Xiaoman

The Most Popular Madam – Deng Liping 

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