Lumadux Helps Professionals Combat Effects of Blue Light with Advanced Filtering Technology Lenses

Lumadux Helps Professionals Combat Effects of Blue Light with Advanced Filtering Technology Lenses
These high-quality glasses may help soothe digital headaches, irritated eyes, and sleeplessness

Nov 6, 2020 – Since 2005, the number of non-self-employed people working from home has increased by 173%. While this transition is a welcome opportunity to 99% of professionals who participated in a 2019 study that Buffer conducted, remote workers must rely on electronic devices to do their jobs, but those technologies emit blue light that may reduce eye strength.

Lumadux is on a mission to combat this issue so that professionals — like software engineers, web designers, digital marketers, and tech enthusiasts — can maintain productivity without sacrificing their eye strength. With Lumadux Anti Blue Light Glasses, remote workers who find themselves glued to electronic devices for tasks and virtual meetings can filter blue light exposure to reduce its effects.

According to Prevent Blindness, this type of light may lead to sore or irritated eyes, headaches, sleep pattern disruptions, and trouble focusing. The American Macular Degeneration Foundation also reports that ultra-violet and invisible blue light can harm the eyes and potentially lead to cataracts and other eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration.

Lumadux Anti Blue Light Glasses are a safe, natural solution that professionals can use if they don’t want to purchase over-the-counter remedies to prevent these unwelcome outcomes.

“I started Lumadux because I personally encountered the negative effects of blue light on a daily basis. I spend a lot of time working on a computer. I’m no stranger to the digital headaches and burning, watery eyes associated with it,” said Greg Gammino, the founder of Lumadux. “I knew there was a better way. I did my research and discovered a new lens technology that could help others in similar situations, and so, Lumadux was born.”

Lumadux offers its anti-blue light glasses at a more cost-effective rate than competitors. It’s common to see these types of lenses for over $100, but Lumadux provides an affordable solution to ensure its lenses are a viable option.

In addition, Lumadux offers reader strengths to guarantee that customers get the best glasses for them. And every pair of glasses includes the highest quality filtering technology and premium materials to fight Computer Vision Syndrome.

While Lumadux Anti Blue Light Glasses are crafted for professionals, other consumers can use them. On average, adults are awake for 16-18 hours per day, and they spend nearly 11 hours of their day staring at an electronic device, leading to blue light exposure for more than 70% of their day. As the effects of blue light become more well known, Lumadux is committed to helping as many people as possible protect their eyes with its Lumadux Anti Blue Light Glasses.

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