Mauricio Rosero, the Colombian influencer who conquers social media with his slogan “Stick to the Plan”

“Stick to the Plan” continues to conquer the hearts of his fellow Colombians, the United States, and Venezuela, carrying a message of self-Improvement to those who need it, spreading the best energy and empowering those who have clear convictions, which is why, Mauricio Rosero, a Colombian influencer, affirms that “every day we must increase the amount of effort to accomplish achievements that allow us to find our purpose in life”. Currently, he is based in the United States, advising new entrepreneurs and motivating dreamers to achieve their goals.

From a very young age, Mauricio had a clear image of what he wanted to be, he always highlighted his great ability to communicate messages with positive and reflective content, with an emotive style, being able to improve it over the years, transforming this hidden skill into messages of great importance in social media, getting over 10 million views on his videos on Instagram so far and more than 160K followers to date.

Therefore, he sees social media as a powerful resource to influence lives, which is why he emphasizes that “you never know when someone may need to hear through your voice the solution to those problems that seem to have no way out. From this perspective you must get up, continue and fight every single day”.

Throughout his life, the influencer always points out how difficult it is to migrate, but clarifies that each person is the one who can make their dreams come true, that each one individually has the responsibility and duty to build their own future.

That is why he recommends that all young people and entrepreneurs have a broad vision of their future, it is vital and imperative to influence positively the lives of others, that each project, no matter how big, medium, or small, it must get done and completed and doesn’t just stay as a good idea.

“I will continue to bring a message of freedom to all Latin Americans, today more than ever we must be an example of overcoming difficulties, perseverance, discipline, and hard work. My social media will continue to be a space of motivation and self-Improvement for everyone who needs it, I am their friend, I am their brother”, Mauricio points out.


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