America’s Choice: Demand for hand sanitizers increase as pandemic concerns grow worldwide

America’s Choice is a leading Spray Hand Sanitizer made for these wearisome times that have changed the world forever

Dania Beach, Florida, United States – The global hand sanitizer market has grown exponentially in the past year especially because of the coronavirus outbreak. According to reports and statistics, there is a growing demand for disinfectants and hygiene products because of the rising rate of diseases and infections. Increasing awareness about hand hygiene is extremely important in this pandemic because keeping hands clean is now equivalent to saving lives. Hand sanitizers play a very important role in maintaining health and hygiene which is why the rising advertisement on social media has also exposed people to increasingly use these disinfectant products. A healthy lifestyle and personal care now include masks as well as sanitizers.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic every business and household in America and the rest of the world has started to sanitize their hands. In these  difficult times,  businesses cannot survive without sanitizers because of the new demand.  The world has changed overnight, disinfectant products and hand sanitizers are now  absolutely essential . America’s Choice Spray Hand Sanitizer is the ideal opportunity for suppliers because they are offering existing Distributors, Chains & Big Box stores the opportunity to purchase the #1 preferred spray hand sanitizer by consumers in America by the Pallets and Containers Only.

Valco Sales parent company of America’s Choice shrewdly provides 3 x Main daily needs of The Buyer “Availability, Fast Delivery & FREE Shipping” and sharp pricing to boot. The product is made in America, which is why they provide quality sanitizers with 70% (IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol. These sanitizer sprays are scented with essential oils and are also available in unscented too. These high demand spray bottles come in different luscious scents such as “Fresh Rain”, “Herbal Mist”, and Special Edition “Black Rose” for a limited time only!

Supporting these businesses will help in the reopening of America because of the much-needed safety protocols and CDC compliancy during this worldwide pandemic.  America’s Choice Spray Hand Sanitizers is an amazing and much-needed product for business owners to protect their employees and customers daily. This is the second most requested product in America which is why Distributors, Chains & Big Box stores can take advantage of this opportunity.  Furthermore, America’s Choice can create consistent profits and revenues over their competitors while keeping America safe.

Consumers can benefit from this product because it is American made, and the business is owned by the US Military Veteran family. America’s Choice Spray Hand Sanitizers are proudly FDA Registered approved with NDC #s, CDC Compliant, WHO Compliant and with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. The application of America’s Choice is preferred by consumers because it applies in a very Crisp and Clean manner. Each bottle has a quick-dry of 5-6 seconds of antiseptic spray along with a great scent that includes Essential Oil moisturizers.

According to the CDC Task Force  (IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol kills 99% of the germs, bacteria, and viruses within 30 seconds or less. This makes America’s Choice Spray Hand Sanitizer a great convenient weapon and companion for everyone in America, as well as the rest of the world.

Once again, The Archival brothers Dan and Bill commonly known as “The Spray Hand Sanitizer Kings” have intentionally solved major problems for Consumers and Buyers.  Consumers can conveniently use America’s Choice Spray Hand Sanitizers for safety on just about everything they touch in a day.  i.e. cell phones, computer keyboards, home & work areas, counter tops, toilet levers, doorknobs, gas station pumps, shopping carts and many more additional uses vs. Gel.

Also, Buyers for Distributors, Chains and Big Box stores win big too with overcoming their daily needs. The Hand Sanitizer Kings offer Buyers “Availability, Fast Delivery & FREE Shipping” with a Private Label Option. 

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