Proof of global trend idol worthy of its name

NCT 2020, Adopted as the Most Anticipated Comeback Idol for October!

The participatory mobile idol app “IDOLCHAMP” took a vote for the topic, “who is the best anticipated comeback idol from producers for October?” for about two weeks since September 29.

The autumn is already here with chilly breeze and fallen leaves. Many idols came back to solace their fans’ minds in this cool but lonely autumn. In October, which is so good for idols to make a comeback, many of them such as TWICE and BLACKPINK, WEi, which debuts for the first time, and WJSN’s little boys actually made it. Among them, NCT 2020 was the most anticipated idol adopted by global K-pop fans of 5million Idol Champ!

NCT 2020, which consists of a total of 23 members including 21 active members in NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV and the new member, Shotaro. NCT 2020 is carrying out many activities as NCT U showing remarkable activities by joining and transforming their members just like in NCT 2018. Especially, NCT 2020: Lezonance Part 1, which was released on October 12th, has topped the charts since September even before their comeback. They broke their own records with 1.12 million pre-orders for the full-length album. Seeing this, one can notice that fans’ expectations for this album were enormous as it was NCT 2020, 

This year’s album includes the ambition to commune with music through “RESONANCE” and creates greater synergy, which is developed the album of the theme of the NCT 2018 album, “EMPATHY” two years ago. This album has received good reviews from many fans by showing NCT’s worldview that they empathize with each other through “Dream” and become one with “Music.” NCT 2020’s title track ‘Make A Wish’ has surpassed 10 million views in 15 hours since its release and now has 62 million views, proving that it is a true global idol group that draws attention from around the world once again. From now on, one looks forward to NCT 2020’s better performance, which clearly proves why global fans of Idol Champ adopted this group as the “most anticipated comeback idol for October.”

NCT2020, which ranked top with 45.95% of the vote, followed by TXT and BLACKPINK, which are October’s group. You can see the result not only in the global Korean wave community “kstarlive” and the Idol Champ app, but also in 200-300 media outlets abroad.

Meanwhile, Idol Champ, which took a vote, is holding another vote to select a representative idol born in 1990 until October 29, with EXO Xiumin, INFINITE Dongwoo, VIXX N, Leo, Highlight Yang Yo-seop and Lee Ki-Kwang among the candidates. The best idol will be the heroine in the wide-collar ads at Gangnam Station.

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