People’s Herbs Expands Practitioner-Based Formulas to the Public

People's Herbs Expands Practitioner-Based Formulas to the Public
People’s Herbs is a company founded by Chinese medicine experts to bring this unique and effective genre of medicine to a large demographic of people. The company is now introducing artisanal formulas for the general public.

Offering an array of bespoke herbal formulas and signature products, People’s Herbs is a unique company that has expanded and grown exponentially since its inception. Focusing on making Chinese medicine more and more accessible for a large consumer base, the company’s current product repertoire includes full spectrum medicinal products ranging from herbal formulas and essential oils to skincare products and topical treatments. While previously these coveted formulas were available only to practitioners, People’s Herbs has now made them available for the general public so they can take advantage of the multitude of benefits these centuries old blends have to offer. 

A spokesperson for the company made an official press statement “Here at People’s Herbs, we want people to take care of their health not from a curative perspective but from a preventative perspective. Why wait till you get sick to take care of your health? Taking care of one’s health should be a daily practice and we here at People’s Herb can help people from all walks of life find their perfect health regimen that is not only 100% natural but also fully safe, tried and tested. Traditional Chinese medicine has long been used by natural and alternative health practitioners to boost the quality of life for themselves and the people who come to them for help. However, never have these formulas been available directly to the general public up until now.”

The spokesperson further added “Our formulas are expertly crafted to offer a wide variety of health benefits while being completely safe and free of any side-effects since no synthetic ingredients or harmful chemicals are used. We were one of the first manufacturers of traditional Chinese medicine to get full approval from the FDA to produce and sell our products in the United States and ever since then, we have only worked for more innovation and improvement. We offer many traditional herbs such as Five Mushrooms, Cordyceps and many others. We encourage people to give our formulas a try and reap the sustainable health benefits that they won’t find anywhere else.”

In addition to herbal health formulas, People’s Herbs is also making hand crafted, small batch skincare products and topical treatments that are available in limited quantities. Using the same natural ingredients, the soon-to-launch ReDermaVive skin care line by People’s Herbs are free of parabens, sulfates and any other harmful preservatives or surfactants used in commercial beauty products. 

More details about the company, along with all of their products, can be seen on the official company website at

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