I CAN MIXX Revolutionizes Spray Paint Mixing, Eliminates Painful Strain Injuries

North American-based e-commerce store introduces drill-based tool to save time, money and pain

VANCOUVER, BC – November 10, 2020 – A new product that will revolutionize spray paint mixing means hundreds of thousands of users worldwide will be able to work pain-free, while saving time and money. North American-based e-commerce company, I CAN MIXX, is offering an ergonomic, compact, and quick solution to mix spray paints with their advanced drill-powered mixing tool. Frequent shaking can cause serious strain in users, often resulting in a loss of work, or expensive medical bills. By utilizing the power of an electric drill, I CAN MIXX eliminates the need for endless can shaking to maximize paint use, with minimal effort.

“We created the I CAN MIXX tool to solve the problem faced by many graffiti and mural artists, DIY-enthusiasts, construction workers, and automotive workers when it comes to their work – how do we easily mix our spray paint without putting unnecessary strain on arms, elbows, wrists, and even the back?” explains Tyson Dagenais, co-founder at I CAN MIXX. “We were certain there was a simpler way – and after working for a long time to find the perfect prototype, we came up with the I CAN MIXX drill-powered tool.”

In addition to being an ergonomic, easy-to-use spray paint mixer, I CAN MIXX also improves the appearance of the product by keeping it consistently mixed and blended, and it eliminates nozzle clogging, ensuring no paint goes to waste. The I CAN MIXX tool is made from high-grade polished stainless steel, making the user’s cleanup time minimal. Moreover, this game-changing tool is durable, fully insulated, easy to use, and mixes your spray paint in seconds.

The I CAN MIXX drill-powered spray paint mixer is available through official distributors, online, and through Amazon. To find out more about the best spray paint mixer on the market, visit: www.icanmixx.com


I CAN MIXX is a leading North American-based e-commerce company that aims to make mixing spray paint easier and faster with its revolutionary drill-powered spray paint mixer. I CAN MIXX products are available through official distributors, online, and through Amazon.

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