How Amine Ait built one of the fastest-growing Health & Beauty DTC CRO Agency

Helping 7 and 8 Figure Direct-To-Consumers Brands Scale Fast with High Converting Landing Pages

November 10, 2020 – Amine Ait is the co-founder and CEO of GT PRO MEDIA, a top Conversion Rate Optimization agency in Montreal, he’s also the co-founder of iScale Nutrition a fast-growing Direct-To-Consumer supplement brand.

As a DTC brand owner himself, he understands that nowadays when shopping online customers expect an exceptional experience, from the first interaction on the website to receiving the product. DTC brands need to reach and impress their target audience with stunning creatives, functional yet beautiful packaging, and a frictionless buyer journey.

As a Conversion Rate Optimization wizard, Amine and his tribe of over 50 team members specialize in helping Health and Beauty Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) brands grow faster with CRO and high converting landing pages.

Their high-converting landing pages are handcrafted by some of the best CRO funnel builders and direct response copywriters, not only high-qualified designers who build good-looking pages with poor conversion rates.

Their main focus is on helping their clients give an exceptional customer experience to their website visitors, and their main mission is to turn those visitors into Brand Ambassadors.

As Amine Ait stated:

“Nowadays the majority if not all of the DTC brands are buying traffic on Facebook, Instagram, AdWords, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok or any other kind of PPC program, their cost-per-click has gone through the roof.

Sure a good campaign manager should be able to drive down their CPC but long term — as more competitors enter their market, it’s only going to burn a hole in their pockets! They need a reliable way to set their brand apart and convert more visitors to the highest average order value possible.

Unlike ‘big data analysis’ and social media, Conversion Rate Optimization is NOT a fad — it actually makes real money and makes the brand more scalable.”

Amine Ait and his team carve out the CRO needs of each of their clients and create landing pages that drastically increase their conversion rates (CR) and average order value (AOV). More information can be found at

About Amine Ait

Amine and his wife Souheyla Amara started GT PRO MEDIA a little over four years ago from their one-bedroom apartment with over $8700 in debts and a computer his ex-employer had bought him. He hustled, cold-called businesses and did door to door until they got their first client. Over time, he and his growing team put their results-based CRO tactics into action for more and more fellow 7 and 8 figure DTC brands in the health and beauty space.

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