Rob Gambino, Founder of Streets Of Toronto Media Agency, Sheds Authentic Light on Toronto through his Instagram

Rob Gambino, Founder of Streets Of Toronto Media Agency, Sheds Authentic Light on Toronto through his Instagram

Rob Gambino is the creator of Streets Of Toronto Media Agency, Toronto’s leading social media platform for lifestyle, art, and culture. 

In addition to his business work, Gambino is also a rising Instagram Influencer. He works with brands like LG Canada, Toronto Raptors, Audi, Coca-Cola, Foot Locker, and more. 

His goal is to create meaningful relationships and promote content to his followers that they can gain something from. He wants to reach people and help them embrace creativity.

His Mission

Rob Gambino was raised with awareness of how neighborhoods and the people in Toronto worked together as a community. The experiences he went through growing up have expanded his appreciation for the various sights and sounds of the city that is Toronto, and he wants the chance to help others gain the same appreciation. 

With Gambino’s business experience and networking contacts, he knew that creating a model with potential expansion and connection was something he wanted to make happen. His social media account is there to bridge the gap between people and the arts, cultures, food, and events the Streets of Toronto has to offer.

His Reach

Rob Gambino currently has over 16,000 followers on his personal Instagram account. His business account has over 300,000 followers. This is an incredible following of people to share his mission with. He wants to reach as many people as possible to have a possible impact on society, as well as recognition as a reliable and trustworthy source for all things Toronto.

His Approach

Along with his business approach, Gambino’s personal Instagram shares pictures and videos that are more than just that, they provide meaningful context. When he posts on his Instagram, his purpose is to capture and identify the unique characteristics of the companies he is working with.

He promotes by telling stories about the company and the products on his page. He describes the creative narrative that the brand is trying to get across with their products. Gambino engages with his follower base.

Rob finds a way to promote creativity, dialogue, and artistic direction while still keeping things personal. His posts are so casual and real; you can’t help but want to listen to what he has to say. He strives to deliver a meaningful partnership experience to the companies he works with, while providing his followers with content that they can benefit from.

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