Hushley expands Mental Health access with Anonymous App.

Hushley expands Mental Health access with Anonymous App.
App will make Mental Health affordable and more accessible

Montreal based Startup Hushley will soon roll out a new service which will provide anonymous Mental Health Support at affordable prices.

Unlike most services which rely solely on Licensed Psychologists, Hushley will put users in contact with Certified Peers, who will be available to answer texts, calls or video calls without the need to book hour long appointments.

Users who need to chat with someone will find Peers who will listen to them, respect their experience, and support them in a non-judgemental way. The service will offer a free trial to customers

Carl Ramsay, Hushley Founder reports: “Scientific Studies have convincingly proved that well trained and supervised Peer Support Specialists can provide a positive impact in the lives of people who struggle with Mental Health Issues”.

While not replacing traditional therapy, wide access to Peer Support can help those who, for various reasons, will not reach out for a therapist, or do not have the financial means to do so. Moreover, since users do not have to identify themselves to Peers prior to a session, it is expected that Hushley will attract those who feel uncomfortable reaching out for help in person.

Hushley is currently looking for Certified Peers in USA, Canada, UK and Australia and plans to launch the service in March 2021.

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