Developing a Smarter Website, Site Hub’s SMARTSites Are Helping Businesses Grow Even in the COVID Era.

Developing a Smarter Website, Site Hub’s SMARTSites Are Helping Businesses Grow Even in the COVID Era.
Giving customers a better user experience with custom websites that engage and send the right message benefits businesses

Customers are more discerning these days. A company’s website design or functionality can oftentimes influence a customer’s decision to explore further, or take their business elsewhere. Site Hub creates bespoke SMARTSites that can help reduce marketing costs while enhancing a business’ online presence.

Site Hub is a marketing agency that specializes in creating custom-made websites for businesses. Unlike the typical template-based websites, Site Hub offers SMARTSites that are built on wordpress from scratch. SMARTSites puts the focus on the user. They make sure that the website serves its purpose, is easy to find and use, accessible by everyone, and is desirable.

“Our mission is to create a smarter web. Now we have the tech, the people, and the right pricing. Think it’s the wrong time because of COVID-19? Wrong – now more than ever your customers expect your online presence to be on point, starting with your website”, says Site Hub president, Sean Mckay.

By creating value for the user, Site Hub enables businesses to change the way their brand is perceived. Having a SMARTSite means understanding a business’ audience, as well as how to reach and influence them towards the business’ direction.

Fully custom-made, the process of creating a SMARTSite starts by establishing the goals, needs and wants of a business. Built on wordpress from the ground up, strategies like storytelling, landing pages, and responsiveness are employed to engage potential customers.

A truly effective website should be able to convey a business’ message to its target audience. It should appeal to its audience, be able to encourage emotional responses, and create interest on a landing page. By incorporating a landing page into the right storyline, a SMARTSite is able to collect data to tailor the story to the specific user.

Websites these days need to be optimized to perform just as well in both desktop and mobile platforms. By using the latest browser technology and considering each mobile platform’s specifications, Site Hub is able to design websites that ensure responsiveness to all users.

SMARTSites use CSS, JavaScript and HTML, and can be maintained by any web developer. Open sourced coding allows site maintenance to remain affordable while still delivering results.

One of the main purposes of a website is to generate leads, sales, and online visibility. Search Engine Optimization is a way to ensure that a company’s website appears at the top of customers’ web searches.

Site Hub makes changes behind the scenes to ensure that a website ranks higher in search results. Building a system of backlinks also help generate more traffic for the website. Featuring quality content makes sure that the website stays relevant in search engine rankings and social media.

Weekly reports are provided by Site Hub to help businesses monitor their site’s progress, as well as make improvements.

Site Hub also offers other digital marketing services such as Google ads, social ads, influencer marketing, and Conversion Optimization among others. For more information, visit

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