Keylitic Takes Market Research to New Grounds with Product Analytics Software

This tech startup helps businesses identify trends through their curated database of trending keywords

Business trends are so powerful, they can shape any industry. They are constantly changing because they are dictated by the needs, wants, and tastes of consumers. And since it is consumers who drive the success of businesses, businesses need to keep their products and services aligned with what consumers need and want. To do this, most companies rely on market research which can be tedious, confusing, and expensive.

To save businesses from the hassle of traditional market research, tech startup Keylitic offers its growing curated database of trending keywords that will help entities grow and stay relevant. The Keylitic software contains a database of trending product keywords for research firms, brands, sellers, bloggers, and content creators. It is software built around an interface that shows businesses what shoppers need and want at a given time.

“Keylitic is the best solution on the market to show businesses what products are trending right now,” said Jack Marchese, CEO and founder of Keylitic. “Knowing what’s trending can help businesses create content, gain insights, into product features and variations, conduct competitive and product research, and much more. With Keylitic, businesses no longer need to spend hours trying to find trends,” added the business trends researcher and analytics expert.

People usually search the internet for a particular item they want to purchase before actually buying the item. Searches like these across the United States are what’s being analyzed by Keylitics’ proprietary algorithm and process. The system takes the product keywords used in searches on search engines and retail websites and cross-references them from data provided from Google and Amazon to see if the product is trending. Keylitic adds thousands of trending product keywords to their database every week accessible through a monthly or annual subscription.

Apart from market trends, Keylitic can also deliver custom trends reports and consultations to clients that have specific needs. Since there are thousands of keyword results in its database, Keylitic also provides three filters on its search page to help users drill down their search results.

Recently, Keylitic launched its web-based analytics software on the Product Hunt website and received a product rating of 4.9 out of 5. Keylitic believes that by providing the largest (and still growing) curated database of trending keywords on the planet to its clients, it does not only disrupt the market research industry, it is also giving its clients an advantage to be ahead of their game.

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Keylitic is a web-based software start-up that contains a database of trending product keywords. The company is located in San Diego, California.

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