The Holistic Sanctuary Treats Addictions And Mental Health Issues Effectively Via The Pouyan Method

The Holistic Sanctuary Treats Addictions And Mental Health Issues Effectively Via The Pouyan Method
The Holistic Sanctuary, a licensed and exclusive 5-star luxury treatment center for addictions and mental health conditions, uses the powerful Pouyan Method to enable its guests to achieve mind-body wellness. This treatment center uses a blend of science and traditional therapies and delivers excellent results.

According to announcements released by The Holistic Sanctuary, it is the only licensed, 5-star, luxury treatment center in the world to offer the combination of the Pouyan Method and Sacred Plant Medicine, backed by the lifetime guarantee.  

The center treats drug and alcohol addictions and mental, physical, spiritual, and behavioral issues. A flexible, personalized approach is at the core of the holistic healing protocols implemented at The Holistic Sanctuary. Where required, patients are treated using the gentle and highly effective Ayahuasca and Ibogaine therapies that have an excellent record for addiction treatment. 

Holistic healing has emerged as a very effective alternative to drug and talk-based treatments for addiction. This method has a high success rate in enabling people to kick addictions and recover from mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, prescription drug addictions, etc. The holistic approach to treatment goes beyond addressing the symptoms; it addresses the root causes to give the patient the best chance of not yielding to the pressures that lead to a relapse. 

In Rosarito and Tulum in Mexico, the oceanfront locations of the two sanctuaries are among the most beautiful places in the world and provide a stimulus for physical and mental rehabilitation in a peaceful setting. Yoga, meditation, hiking, biking, and tennis are just some of the activities that guests can participate in to rediscover the zest for living.

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The Holistic Sanctuary said, “We are the only one using the “Pouyan Method” created by Johnny Tabaie, our founder. We are the leader and authority on this revolutionary approach to actually healing PTSD, ending depression, curing addiction, reversing most if not all damages and underlying causes of mental health issues that lead to eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, depression and PTSD. It has been used to successfully treat hundreds of cases of severe poly-drug addiction, as well as other behavioral and health disorders. The treatment Pouyan Method or “Seeker’s” Method and is unlike any other treatment available anywhere. This treatment protocol utilizes a completely natural, safe and effective combination of Ancient Plant Based Medicine and holistic non-invasive therapies to heal an individual not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.”

On the treatment offered for depression, The Holistic Sanctuary said, “An exquisite rehabilitation center for depression like the Holistic Sanctuary runs by applying holistic principles to the mental conditions, PTSD, drug and alcohol addiction. Successful depression rehabilitation centers develop customized programs for every patient, as they are all different in sickness and healing.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a rehab center for depression where the mental health issue is just a symptom of imbalances of the mind, body, and soul. Addressing all aspects with the same consideration is what makes the non-traditional depression recovery facilities like the Holistic Sanctuary treatment center stand out and have success.”

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The Holistic Sanctuary is a world-class holistic medical spa that treats addictions and mental health issues without harsh drugs and emotionally coercive constraints. It has helped people transform their lives using natural therapies, nutrition, activities, and spirituality. The personalized treatments yield results fast with lasting mind-body benefits.

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