The World’s First and Most Comfortable Smart Pet ID, undercollar® Powered by PetHub®

The World’s First and Most Comfortable Smart Pet ID, undercollar® Powered by PetHub®
undercollar® is a one of a kind pet collar. Meant to always be on, never off and is the easiest solution to keep track of pets. No need for expensive GPS collars that are bulky and uncomfortable. Also, microchips and GPS can fail. Why? Because it takes too many things going “right” for them work 100% of the time. Just slip on the undercollar® and the pet will Never. Be. Without. ID.

Sometimes we just want to be like our humans and shed the jingly jangly accessories and relax at home in the buff. undercollar® can be worn alone while lounging around or under the regular leash collar. But we still need you to know that undercollar® is NOT a replacement for our usual leash collar.  It is an added layer of safety and protection so that we never become a statistic. That’s why it goes under the collar! (thus the genius name, you clever humans, you!)

According to the ASPCA, 80% of pet parents believe pet ID tags are crucially important, but only 33% report that their pet always wears one! Now this RUFF statistic makes the pet community very sad and the pets have demanded their owners get them an undercollar®. This smart new ID collar is like ‘undies’ that can be worn all the time and shouldn’t be taken off. Jack Russel, a Terrier dog claims, “It’s so nice to know that after a hard day of playing, sniffing, napping, and burying stuff, I can just hang out in my loungewear without my humans worrying. Thank you undercollar®.” See? The dogs love the undercollar®.

What is undercollar®?  Well for starters, it’s everything we were looking for but couldn’t find. 

undercollar® was produced as an innovative product, something brand new to the market that never existed and solves a serious problem. After a lot of sniffing around, we’ve fetched the most comfy common sense solution for us all. It’s a no brainer! undercollar® was made for the delight of pets like dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, pigs, cows, horses and even iguanas you name it! No matter how mischievous the pet is, or how many times he runs off, with undercollar® on, as Fido from Philly himself says, “So I hate to hound you, but this undercollar® is the cat’s meow.

Little dog big bark. Big dog little bark. No Matter! undercollar® has a collar in every size and bark. undercollar® is easily stretchable and wearable on almost any size neck. Doggonit! undercollar® also comes with a permanent marker, so the humans can write our name and phone number on the tag, which is displayed in the waterproof window on the undercollar®. 

Our furries love a good bolt through an open door, and with the undercollar® on, they will Never. Be. Without. ID, no matter how far they run off. “I’ve always been that collie that bolts for the door, I am excitable. Since you bought me an undercollar®, we both feel more at ease,” says Cooper from California.

An online profile of the pet can be created for FREE at The unique QR code on each undercollar® then needs to be linked to that profile. If the pet goes missing, the QR code can be scanned with any smart phone or you can call the owner’s phone number which is visible on the collar. A Premium subscription, at $24 also makes use of GPS technology and immediately alerts local pet shelters, rescue homes and the PetHub Community if your pet goes missing.

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