Launching of the New Book by a NBA Mother, Freida Bosh: “Episodes in the Life of an NBA Mother”

From the pages of this wonderful book, reads: “What a mess! If you’ve ever been violated by having your home destroyed in a drug burst, then arrested and interrogated for exploitation of a disabled person, and facing being evicted from your home, not a house, where you have lived and maintained financially for over 10 years with force, for NO RENT DUE, NO LEASE. I experienced such an invasion of my real life and privacy! ALL OF IT WAS HEARTBREAKING! It’s called innocent. Who or what the hell, better yet why?

“I call the episodes described within my book, episodes happening while we are living life, the three C’s. The three C’s are coincidences, conspiracy, and choices. I believe coincidences happen for a reason, so beware and pay attention when they come unexpectedly over a series of time. A conspiracy as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “A secret plan made by two or more people to do something to cause harm intentionally to someone or to do something illegally.” A choice is a conscious decision made evolving into a plot. The plot inside the pages of the book describe a secret evil scheme all centered around me personally and my home.  Every unexpected unplanned event, a pattern of coincidences, for years was a way to cause me pain, separation, humiliation, by all means necessary.”

About the Author

As a mother, Freida Wesson Bosh, and her son, Chris Bosh drafted at the age of 19 as the fourth NBA pick going to Toronto Raptors. That was years ago.

Her son was drafted to play and the years as a NBA Mother involved work. Releasing her 19 years old son into a league of seasoned professionals in every way of life like agents, marketers, dream sellers and all that.

“My goal was my son’s success and based on what I and others have experienced I get a grade of A+. Right off the cuff I had to gain NBA Mother off the court knowledge.  Exposing my entire life slowly until one day it’s out there, my family life as seen by the public on network TV, judged by people I have never met. Then it doesn’t matter if what they hear of see is lies, anything goes!”


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