After Two Successful Gallery Shows epaves Looks To What’s Next

Fresh on the heels of two successful shows in Portland, épaves is excited to be featured both in the Subjectiv Journal and the Blind Insect Gallery beginning in November 2020.

More information about Subjectiv Journal and Blind Insect can be found here: |

While admittedly this has been a bizarre year for galleries, artists and curators alike, many have seemed to weather the storm via online auctions, shows and interviews. épaves was invited to participate in shows at Portland’s Blackfish Gallery ( and Alberta Street Gallery (, both of which initiated strong online promotions on behalf of their participating artists.

Combining elements of pyrography, street art, watercolors, acrylics and gunpowder, épaves is emerging as a hard-to-pigeonhole artist who draws on the absurdities of the current social climate and imbalance, to a commentary on finding beauty in destruction and what it means when everyone is vulnerable to the same things, such as a virus. The overall equalizing effects of things beyond our control.

épaves is based in Lake Oswego, Oregon and returned to creating after a 10-year stint as a writer at an Oregon daily newspaper and a 16 year grind as a digital marketer. He is 47-years old, however he has been creating since anyone who knew him as a toddler can remember. He counts the late billionaire art collector Donald Marron as a recipient of one of his signed prints in 2018.

Asked about one of his recent pieces, (David, acrylic and aerosol on canvas) épaves said, “Usually my Goliath would be different from your Goliath. Whatever that looming and oppressive thing may be. In some way we are all David’s, underdogs in one way or another dealing with a crushing obstacle that preoccupies our thoughts. This year we share a common Goliath that has brought the globe to its knees in the form of a virus.”

Regarding his feature in Subjectiv Journal and his upcoming pieces slotted for the Blind Insect Gallery, épaves said, “It is evident and so encouraging to participate in these events. But what really blows me away is how much galleries are really trying to take care and nurture emerging artists. They are going above and beyond at a time when they really don’t have to, and no one would blame them. But this current world climate has sort of knocked everyone back on their heels, and we are all just regrouping. It’s awfully nice to have that outreached hand to help get up.”

For more information or to contact him directly or view more of épaves’ work, visit his website at or find him socially on Instagram @epaves_official

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