Alaa Harazin Demonstrates an Advanced Customer Engagement Tool Created Specifically For Restaurant Promotion

Alaa Harazin Demonstrates an Advanced Customer Engagement Tool Created Specifically For Restaurant Promotion

Alaa Harazin, the payment processing expert with a string of achievements to his credit, has now started demonstrating a novel way of boosting customer engagement. The app is designed for easy creation and maintenance of relationship between restaurant owners and customers.
Alaa Harazin shows restaurants how to make customers feel great with an advanced customer engagement tool.

“With the Customer Engagement tool, you can enhance your relationship with customers and make them feel great by delivering a wonderful experience, every time they connect with your restaurant,” says Alaa Harazin. “Keeping customers happy is what every business aims for. The customer engagement tools can help you nurture these relationships and improve footfalls and profits.”

Some key features of the Customer Engagement tool are:

  • Restaurants can communicate directly and privately with customers to get their opinion and gain feedback
  • They can be invited back with some real-time promos to drive traffic to restaurant
  • The most loyal customers can be easily identified and rewarded with perks and discounts that match their engagement levels
  • Know the opinion of customers firsthand and offer services that match their needs 

The Customer Engagement tool can help boost loyalty by providing accurate and timely feedback about customers. Restaurants can customize services to deliver a significant experience and encourage more spending on future visits. Experts are of the opinion that customer loyalty can result in a huge and consistent improvement in profits. It can also result in a higher CLV or customer lifetime value, which is great news for any business.

Also, better engagement means more repeat business. The app helps restaurant drive more repeat business, something all restaurants aim for as acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining the existing ones.

Using this advanced and user-friendly customer engagement app is also likely to boost customer return rates for restaurants.

Clover Customer Engagement app makes customer relationship management simple. It allows restaurant managers to chat privately with their most loyal and VIP customers and invite them to share their experiences. The app also allows restaurants to address customer feedback and concerns and keep the review slate clean.

The app is a simple and efficient way of empowering customers and make them feel a valuable part of your business. It offers unlimited outreach through targeted promos, birthday and anniversary rewards, and customized campaigns.

Restaurant businesses of all types can use the app. 

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